Warzone Pacific’s Vanguard playlists finally revealed

Warzone Pacific's Vanguard playlists finally revealedActivision

With Vanguard integration coming to Warzone, Activision has revealed the playlists that are coming to the game, including Plunder, Battle Royale, Rebirth Island, and a Vanguard-dedicated one.

On December 2, Vanguard will be integrated into Warzone bringing the new map Caldera, the RICOCHET anti-cheat, and all Vanguard has to offer.

While players will still have access to weapons and cosmetics from Modern Warfare and Cold War, along with Vanguard in the normal Caldera playlist, there will be a Vanguard exclusive one as well.

Let’s take a look at all the playlists the Call of Duty dev team has revealed for Warzone Pacific.

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Warzone Pacific dedicated Vanguard modes: Plunder & Royale

Warzone Pacific's Vanguard playlists Activision
Warzone Pacific will feature Vanguard-dedicated playlists where only content from that game can be used.

Warzone Pacific is Call of Duty’s new way to differentiate from normal BR and Vanguard exclusive modes. At the launch of Season 1 players will be able to exclusively enjoy the Vanguard fun by hopping into this dedicated playlist.

It will feature Vanguard Royale and will later introduce Vanguard Plunder to the game. In these dedicated modes, players will only be able to use Vanguard-specific weapons and vehicles.

This will have the new fighter planes, along with the anti-air trucks, and possibly more to come in the future.

Warzone classic battle royale modes on Caldera & return of Rebirth Island

Warzone Pacific's Vanguard playlistsActivision
Call of Duty revealed there will be normal playlists where players can use everything from Modern Warfare, Cold War, and Vanguard.

Even though there are Vanguard dedicated modes there are still going to be the classic Warzone modes.

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With the release of Season 1, players will have access to over 150 weapons between the three games to drop into Caldera. On top of weapons, all vehicles that were present in Verdansk will still be available to ride around on the new map.

This playlist includes the normal Battle Royale and Plunder on Caldera which will allow players to use any weapon of their choice. Also, this will have Rebirth Resurgence. Activision announced that Rebirth Island has been a staple to Warzone and they are keeping it in the game.

While these were just two of the playlists revealed, Activision hinted at more to come by saying: “Here are two we can reveal right now.”

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So, players will want to be on the lookout for more modes to come as time progresses.