Vanguard players ecstatic over changes from beta to launch: “feels like a different game”

Vanguard players ecstatic over changes from beta to launch: "feels like a different game"Activision

Call of Duty: Vanguard is finally here and plates are ecstatic over the new FPS, specifically all the changes made from the beta to launch, claiming it feels like a different game.

The new CoD is out with a lot of fresh content. With tons of modes, 20 maps, and near endless loadout combinations, this game has so much to offer.

During the Vanguard beta, Sledgehammer Games said they were listening to feedback from players and would adjust accordingly.

It seems they stuck to their promise as players online have been raving about how much better the game feels now than it did in the beta.

Vanguard players happy with changes from beta to launch

As Vanguard has released players are looking back at how smooth everything has gone so far. From, the servers working well to the gameplay fixes, people are really happy with the devs.

In the above Reddit thread, players point out some of the issues that were apparent in the beta don’t seem to be a problem now that the game has been released.

Sledgehammer Games seems to have really dialed in and listened to feedback from players. They added a Ninja perk which always makes your footsteps silent, as well as getting rid of weapon distortion.

On top of that, they fixed tons of audio issues and well as tuning spawns to make the maps play out smoother.

vanguard operator desert trenchActivision
Vanguard players are happy with the changes that were made from beta to the launch.

One Redditor said, “I’m completely blown away by how much better it feels and looks. Almost hard to pinpoint the exact reasons, but it feels like a whole different game.”

While the game is still really new, players have been extremely positive and are looking forward to Season 1 and everything else Vanguard has in store for the year.