JGOD proves why the “versatile” XM4 is Warzone’s best gun in Season 4

xm4 best gun warzone jgodActivision

Call of Duty: Warzone brought a whole new meta to the game in Season 4, but popular YouTuber JGOD thinks the XM4 is the game’s best gun. Breaking down XM4 loadouts, classes, and stats, he explains why it’s so strong.

Some guns in Warzone excel in just one area. The Kar98k is an incredible sniper but inherently struggles at closer ranges, while the Nail Gun is broken close-range but weak from distance and in crowds.

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The XM4 though, much like its OG counterpart, the M4-A1, is nasty in a variety of ways. It’s been most popular as a close-range secondary, but Season 4 buffs have made it incredibly well-rounded.

For those curious about a versatile secondary or a replacement for the soon-to-be-nerfed MG 82 LMG, JGOD breaks down why the Black Ops Cold War XM4 is the best gun in Warzone. And yes, he has the data to prove it.

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To explain why the XM4 is Warzone’s best “all-around” gun, JGOD broke down how it compares to other options as an SMG, a sniper support, and a long-range AR (primary AR). 

Easy evidence of its dominance as a secondary, JGOD showed that the XM4 has an even faster ADS than an SMG like the Cold War MP5. And for TTK, it’s even faster than the MAC-10 up to 15 meters, while faster than most SMGs past 22 meters. Versatile indeed.

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As a sniper support, the XM4 has a faster ADS than most other options (e.g. the RAM-7 and Cold War AK-47). For TTK, though, it’s slower than both the RAM and the AK, but the recoil and mag size benefits for the XM4 are worthwhile.

Black Ops Cold War XM4 gameplayActivision
You can level this thang up quick in Black Ops Cold War, if you’re so inclined.

Finally, for long range, the XM4 is an interesting option since its theoretical TTK rivals the AMAX and is faster than other ARs at a number of ranges. 

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Overall, it’s clear that the XM4 can be a top-tier weapon at most ranges and for most purposes. This makes it a fantastic all-around gun that’s worth leveling up for people who want to mess with their loadouts and playstyles.

If you’re looking for the SMG version, 100 Thieves Tommey has an excellent one you can use. But, if you want to keep experimenting, streamers and content creators like JGOD, Aydan, and HusKerrs all have classes you can try out.

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