Warzone fans demand Nail Gun nerf as “troll weapon” becomes OP

Nail GunActivision / Treyarch

Warzone’s Season 4 updated added the Nail Gun to the game’s ever-growing arsenal, but players are now asking for Raven to nerf it just days after its release. 

The Nail Gun is one of the three guns to be released in Season 4 of Warzone, joining the likes of the MG 82 LMG and C58 Assault Rifle. While Raven Software has already announced that the MG 82 will be getting a nerf, it looks like the Nail Gun has slipped under the radar. 

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Unlike both the new LMG AR, the Nail Gun doesn’t feature any attachments. However, this hasn’t stopped this pint-sized tool from wreaking havoc across Verdansk. Despite lacking decent range and a slow fire rate, the Nail Gun can quickly punch a hole through even the game’s most well-armored foes. 

Does the Nail Gun need a nerf?

nail gun season 4Activision / Treyarch
The Nail Gun is more than just a tool in Warzone.

The Nail Gun can down an opponent within four shots, making it extremely lethal in short engagement ranges. If this wasn’t enough, its mobility is incredibly high, which gives players the opportunity to aggressively rush their opponents and deliver speedy flanks. It’s these strengths that have led many Warzone players to call for a nerf. 

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“It’s a troll weapon meant entirely for p***ing around in 6v6 multiplayer,” says Damien23123. “It’s got no place being a meta SMG in a BR game. It should be nerfed to the point where it’s unusable as a proper SMG.”

Raven Software has been quick to address the new MG 82 after players noted how lethal it was, but it looks like the Nail Gun has managed to escape the nerf gun. While it may be seen as a “troll weapon” by some, it doesn’t mean it can’t compete with the current meta SMGs. In fact, the Nail Gun has proven that it can go above and beyond them. 

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Cold War Nail GunActivision / Treyarch
The Nail Gun is a powerful new Special Weapon SMG in Season 4.

“It might be fun as a headshot-oriented weapon with terrible accuracy outside of 5-10 meters, low chest damage, and almost no extremity damage,” says Exxxtra_Dippp. It’s a troll weapon to begin with. Make the damage profile compliment that.” 

Whether the Warzone developers will make any adjustments to the Nail Gun remains to be seen, but for now, it looks like players will have to take extra care when engaging in close-quarter fights.