Popular Warzone cheat sellers shut down by Activision ahead of RICOCHET launch

Warzone operator with sniper rifleActivision

Activision is taking extra steps to prevent cheaters by shutting down another top Warzone cheat seller ahead of their anti-cheat system RICOCHET going live.

Cheaters have run rampant in Warzone lobbies since the early days of the game with cheap hacks and even free trials being offered out by different cheat sellers.

However, the end of the cheating crisis that caused many to fall out of love with Warzone is potentially not too far away.

As Activision makes their final preparations to introduce the next year of Warzone content, which includes the release of a brand-new map and the launch of the RICOCHET anti-cheat, they’ve taken down another top cheat seller.

On November 19, the moderators of the popular Golden Gun Discord server – known for its cheat selling – revealed that Activision had contacted them.

Activision claims that Golden Gun is in violation of their ToS. As a result, the cheat sellers will no longer be supporting and developing cheats for any Activision game going forward.

“Activision has contacted Golden Gun Admins and has claimed that Golden Gun is in violation of their Terms of Service. As a result, Golden Gun will no longer be supporting any Activision product and will be ceasing all development,” revealed the cheat sellers.

The announcement also added that the reasoning has nothing to do with the upcoming release of RICOCHET anti-cheat, and it’s just a legal matter. “For those wondering, this has nothing to do with Activision’s Anti-Cheat and is entirely a legal matter.”

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From Golden Gun’s announcement, Activision will seemingly be looking to take legal action against them, similar to what they’ve done with other sellers.

In October, French site X22 was sent a legal notice from Activision, effectively forcing them to stop operating.

The Golden Gun website is now already inactive, displaying the message: “Golden Gun has ceased all development and operations due to ongoing legal matters with Activision.”