Warzone accidentally reveals first look at Pacific map’s Resort & Marina Street

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Call of Duty: Warzone’s developers seem to have accidentally leaked some sneak peeks at Pacific map locations. Four new Calling Cards show off different Caldera POIs, including “Resort” and “Marina Street.”

On November 18, Warzone’s “Operation Flashback” event began — bringing back tons of old content, much to fans’ delight. But some players have noticed a series of new Calling Cards added as well, which all show parts of the upcoming Pacific map.

At the moment, people are speculating that these Calling Cards are actually part of the November 24 event, “Secrets of the Pacific.” This would make sense, as that event is all about learning the Caldera locations and details.

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Regardless of whether or not the cosmetics were accidentally leaked or not, they’re out there now. And people are excited to see these close-up views of previously unknown locations.

Warzone leaks glimpses of Pacific map Resort, Marina, and more

As you can see in the tweet above, four Calling Cards have been found with Pacific, Caldera scenery. There’s “Hospitable Resort,” “Home in Paradise,” “Marina Street,” and “Treasure the Scenery.”

Of them, Resort and Marina look the most like legitimate POIs or landing spots. Interestingly, however, neither was listed on the official map’s overview.

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The full map, shown during the Vanguard reveal, includes 11 different POIs. One could guess that Marina Street is located near the marked “City Capital,” but it’s unclear where Resort of the other three locales might be.

Regardless of where these locations are, players appear excited to see them up close. The environment looks colorful and wildly different from the greyish Verdansk, making it an interesting departure.

With Pacific, Caldera delayed until December 8 at the earliest — it seems that players will need to hold onto these glimpses for just a while longer. 

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