JGOD explains how Operation Monarch event could damage Warzone’s playerbase

Nathan Warby
JGOD with Godzilla from Warzone Operation Monarch

Warzone’s Operation Monarch, which saw both King King and Godzilla invade Caldera, hasn’t been well received by the community. CoD expert JGOD has explained why the event could hurt the playerbase long-term.

It’s safe to say that Operation Monarch hasn’t been well-received by the Warzone community. Overall, it seems the King King/Godzilla crossover has been “disappointing,” due to the lack of interaction between the two titans and misleading promotional material.

The event is only sticking around in Warzone Season 3 for a couple of weeks, meaning most players will have their fun grinding challenges and then head back over to the normal BR or Rebirth Island.

However, Warzone expert JGOD feels that the letdown of an event could force players to stay away from the game, hurting it going forward.

JGOD on how Godzilla vs King King event could hurt Warzone

Warzone Operation Monarch graphic
Operation Monarch is here, but fans aren’t sold on the LTM.

JGOD recently discussed why exactly Operation Monarch “flopped.” He began comparing Warzone’s attempt at a live event to Fortnite’s in-game spectacles and claimed that Raven have missing the chance to attract new players or those who fell off.

“There’s not a lot of reason to come back and try the game for the first time,” JGOD explained. He took issue with the fact that the Operation Monarch event still requires players to face off against each other.

“There’s a lot of work to stay up to date in Warzone because the meta shifts” he continued. “If you’re a new player you do not have those weapons leveled, so what are you supposed to do? Just come back and have crappy guns?”

He argued that Warzone’s live events should follow Fortnite’s model where players simply sit back and watch the show without worrying about winning a real match. This could get more casual users “hooked” and even “juice” the overall playerbase.

“That’s what Fortnite does…they have these cool events where you can have zero interest, zero skill in Fortnite, but you’ll log in to check out the event because you know you can,” JGOD added.

“Then, maybe you’re like ‘well let’s play a couple games,’ and then it’s ‘oh that was kinda fun, let me stick around.’ That should be the goal of the live events.”

While Warzone has a strong and dedicated community, it has been argued in the past that Caldera isn’t the most welcoming for casual players. Hopefully, Raven can learn from Operation Monarch, and their competitors, to attract more users with their next event.

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