Warzone players slam “unplayable” Ashika after Halloween changes

Jacob Hale
Foggy Ashika Island in Warzone halloween haunting event

Warzone players have been left seriously frustrated by changes to the Ashika Island resurgence map for the Halloween event, questioning what prompted the devs to make the decisions they have.

The Haunting Halloween event has, by and large, been received well by Call of Duty fans, especially all of the Souls rewards available and Vondead bringing a fun new element to Vondel.

While Ashika Island hasn’t been quite as popular as Vondel in terms of the newer resurgence maps, it still has many players who drop in each day and prefer the gameplay on that map — but now their loyalties are being questioned.

With the Halloween event, Warzone devs Raven Software have made the maps darker in certain playlists or, in Ashika’s case, added fog to the map, something that Vondel players have frequently complained about in the past.

Warzone players frustrated by Ashika fog

One player, Aziz89, took to Reddit to complain about the new fog on Ashika Island, which limits visibility and can last throughout the entire match, calling it “unplayable.”

“You can’t see anything,” they explained. “I land most of the time between teams & die immediately. The fog is even worse than DMZ & doesn’t add any aesthetics. Players are literally 5-10 meters away & I can’t spot them.”

They added that “This is IW cheap way of adding ‘content’ and ruining [the] gaming experience for everybody.”

Many of the comments were in agreement with the issues presented, calling it “absolute trash” and complaining that fog is one of the reasons they’ve been avoiding playing Vondel.

One player, however, called it part of the “typical Warzone lifecycle.” They said: “They end up destroying the game 2 months before the next game comes out to force people on the ‘superior’ product.”

Fortunately, the fog is only for The Haunting and on Ashika at night, which means players shouldn’t have to put up with it for too much longer if it really is ruining their experience.