Warzone players claim it’s “too hard” for casuals as players walk away

call of duty warzone pacific players walkingActivision

Warzone players are seemingly laying their weapons down for good as they walk away from the game, with some claiming the Call of Duty battle royale has become too difficult for casual players.

Activision and Raven Software took the world by storm in March 2020, with the release of Warzone. While it offered intense CoD thrills initially, the game has been on a troubled path as glitches, bugs, and general instability continues to ruin the experience for hardcore and casual players alike.

Warzone had a “great run” but it seems the road is coming to an end for many players, as they’re abandoning the game for good.

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CoD Warzone Roze skinActivision
Elements like the Roze Skin are just one of many problems that have plagued players in Warzone.

Warzone’s difficulty has “gone way up”

Hundreds of Warzone players gathered in the game’s subreddit, declaring that the game isn’t “fun and fresh anymore.” Redditor Sad-Abbreviations expressed how the “Vanguard integration” has “completely killed the game” for them.

Bugs and glitches have unfortunately become commonplace, while players such as YourMumsPal believe the recent update has shifted the game’s balance significantly.

“Ever since the update on Thursday [January 13, 2022] we are getting slaughtered constantly. I’m finding the same difficulty in solo games” they added.

Redditor gfyans was hoping Caldera could be more than a flash in the pan for Warzone. “Verdansk got real boring for me near the end, and I was hoping Caldera would reignite my passion for the game.

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“We’d probably abandon Warzone completely” they added, noting an alternative game with more polish is likely to steer them away.

However, even other battle royales don’t seem as friendly to new players, with Redditor Damien23123 noting: “If Apex wasn’t utterly brutal for newer players I’d probably be playing it instead.”

Combined with a lackluster map in the form of Caldera, some players are turned off by an “insanely hard” skill ceiling: “The issues and problems with the game currently, combined with the very divisive map…You’re probably facing only the most hardcore of sweats at this point.”

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Players clearly want change, but only time will tell if things turn around.