Warzone is hurting itself by keeping Ranked Play in Resurgence only

Shane Black
Urzikstan map with multiple players in Warzone Modern Warfare 3

Warzone’s Ranked Play looks to be solely focused on Resurgence in Season 4, and it feels past time that it returns to the core battle royale mode.

Ever since Rebirth Island made its return, it’s looking like devs have only had their sights set on that map and its respective game mode, including only having its most competitive mode available for it.

It’s an unfortunate shift in priority that is causing the standard battle royale mode and its bigger maps to feel like an afterthought.

It was a cool moment for the community when Rebirth Island made its return to Warzone after a few years away.

However, that novelty has worn off and it’s time to return to what else the game has to offer. Warzone didn’t make its name through Rebirth Island and Resurgence; it was made off of a big map, with hundreds of players fighting for survival.

Having Ranked Play only be available to Resurgence is an insult to what else there is to do in the game. It’s restricting competitive players to just a sliver of content.

Warzone Rebirth Island 2024
Warzone’s focus on Rebirth Island is hurting the game as a whole.

The community has been clamoring for some love to be given back to the other modes, especially Urzikstan, the biggest map in the game.

As one user on the Warzone subreddit laments: “Another season without BR ranked. I just don’t get the thinking with this.”

The most frustrating part, devs told the community that there would be Ranked Play in the other modes sometime this year. Now, we are roughly six months into the year, but with the announcement for the next entry seemingly around the corner, it feels like there’s not a lot of time to bring it back.

The decision is hard to comprehend when looking at Modern Warfare 3 and its multiplayer mode. There, Ranked Play incorporates just about every map, game mode, and only keeps a few weapons out of rotation.

But even with those restrictions it still feels like competitive players can have access to a majority of the content. It works there, so why can’t it work for Warzone?

Don’t get me wrong: Resurgence is a fun mode and needs to stay in the game. But it shouldn’t be the only mode that gets Ranked Play. It should be available to everyone, no matter what mode or map they prefer.

As it stands, Warzone feels like its scope is narrowing too far into this one mode when it has so much more to offer.