Warzone players slam “disappointing” Godzilla vs Kong event


Warzone Operation Monarch has finally brought Godzilla vs Kong into the popular battle royale game, but players aren’t happy with the new event. 

The Warzone Operation Monarch limited-time mode sees Godzilla and Kong tear their way through Caldera. These monolithic monsters can make short work of any Operators that dare to attack them, but the giant kaiju never fight amongst themselves – an area that has disappointed many of the game’s community. 

These frustrations have also been highlighted Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff, who branded the update “awful,” while Dr Disrespect gave the event a “solid 2.2/10.” So far, it’s clear that the playerbase was expecting a lot more from Operation Monarch, with the Godzilla vs Kong LTM being dubbed as “clickbait.”

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Warzone players frustrated over Godzilla vs Kong event

This disappointment largely stems from the original teaser trailer, which depicted both Godzilla and Kong duking it on Caldera. Watching these colossal beasts trade blows with their signature moves would have been a real spectacle, but so far, the event has kept their interactions completely separate. 

“At this stage, I don’t understand how anyone can look at any trailer/artwork and expect the product to be anything like that,” said one disgruntled Warzone player. “This game has been nothing but a constant disappointment since the Cold War integration.” 

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Instead of featuring the iconic fight from the promotional material, both beasts simply wander around Caldera seemingly avoiding one another. In fact, their attention is purely focused on players that dare to get in the way. 

However, even the interactions with human opponents can lead to some bugged encounters. “We were in the final circle and Godzilla was totally away from the zone,” explained another commenter. “He was looking in the opposite direction of the players who were still alive, and Kong was still stuck near Peak inside the gas doing absolutely nothing.” 

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Whether the developers have anything exciting planned for the end of the event remains to be seen, but for now, Operation Monarch has left the Warzone community disappointed. 

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