JGOD confirms massive Warzone change for UAVs to counter Ghost players

Activision / JGOD

As Warzone Season 6 comes to an end and the new Pacific map rolls in, JGOD confirms a massive change for UAVs to counter Ghost players. 

In Warzone, players have multiple ways to acquire streaks to help aid them on their path to victory. One that is extremely useful is the UAV as it reveals the location of enemies on the map.

To counter this, players can equip the Ghost perk in their loadout to remain hidden from UAVs. But JGOD explained how a hidden change to stacking UAVs can now reveal enemies shrouded with the perk.

Warzone Ghost gameplayActivision
Calling in 3 UAVs at the same time will now show players using the Ghost perk.

JGOD shows off Warzone triple UAVs change to reveal Ghost players

A super UAV or “stacking” is when you call in three of them at the same time which will reveal the location of enemies and the direction they are facing.

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In a YouTube video, Warzone guru JGOD explains a stealth change the devs made that now makes super UAVs really powerful.

Before this update, when you called in three UAVs and players had the Ghost perk on then they would remain hidden. With this new update, the super UAV now reveals all players that are using the Ghost perk on the minimap and they’ll appear as a red dot.

This works on everyone within the 250-300 meter range and players that do not have Ghost will be a triangle on the minimap that shows the direction they are facing.

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Along with this change, Advanced UAVs will now show every enemy on the map as well as the direction they’re looking even if they have Ghost on.

It is unknown why the devs decided to make such a huge change without making note of it but this is definitely a mechanic you will want to take advantage of as the new Warzone Pacific map hits the game in Season 1 of Vanguard.