Warzone YouTuber JGOD reveals how Advanced UAVs are better than triple UAVs

Warzone gameplayActivision

With Advanced UAVs now back in Warzone Season 2, popular YouTuber JGOD has revealed the key benefits and highlighted why they’re “significantly better” than stacking regular UAVs.

If you’re trying to gain the upper hand in Warzone, UAVs are one of the best ways to do so. The standard version of the killstreak quickly illuminates enemies on the map so you can hunt them down. However, there’s always been one hard counter: Ghost.

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With more and more players bolstering their loadouts with the stealth perk, it all but negates the effect of a regular UAV. Thankfully, there’s always been a way to create an even more powerful UAV. By stacking three at the same time, you’ll reveal every single enemy on the map.

So how does this common strategy differ from Advanced UAVs now appearing in Season 2’s hidden Buy Stations? JGOD broke it all down in an April 6 YouTube video.

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The downside of stacking regular UAVs in Warzone

Warzone radarActivision / YouTube: JGOD
Stacking regular UAVs will see enemies disappearing as you get close.

When it comes to regular UAVs, calling one in gives you “approximately 40 seconds” of intel. Calling in multiple will “stack” that time. Meaning you’ll have enemy positions on your radar for a considerable amount of time.

“It shows everyone on the map, regardless of if they have Ghost or not,” JGOD said. Though there’s one major downside to the effect. As you close in on enemies, their icon will disappear from the map. This applies “in a 250-meter radius.”

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So while stacking UAVs will give you a good understanding of where everyone is on the map, it won’t help you fend off those in close proximity.

Exemplifying this, JGOD flew over a team in a game of Plunder. While they were on the ground shooting right at him, their icons on the minimap were nowhere to be seen.

Why Advanced UAVs are superior in Warzone

Warzone Buy StationActivision
New Buy Stations in Season 2 allow you to buy Advanced UAVs for $12,000

Having appeared sporadically throughout Warzone’s first year, Advanced UAVs are now back in the tail end of Season 2. These powerful streaks will run you $12,000 at a new Buy Station, though they’re completely worth the hefty fee, according to JGOD.

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Advanced UAVs are “one of the most powerful things in all of Warzone because it is a hard counter to Ghost.

“While it only lasts 40 seconds, it will show all players regardless of if you’re 5 meters away, 2,000 meters away, it does not matter. It will show every single player on the map and there is nothing anyone can do to counter it.”

Warzone radarActivision / YouTube: JGOD
Advanced UAVs distinguish players with Ghost equipped.

To help that little bit more, players with and without Ghost are distinguished while an Advanced UAV is live. Ghosted players appear as circles on the map while non-Ghosted targets are triangles. Rather than displaying enemy directions with said triangles, Ghosted players have their own unique intel.

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The Advanced UAV will display their elevation, relative to your position. Small indicators above or below their circle on the map will tell you if they have the high ground or not.

Ultimately, Advanced UAVs are “significantly different” from stacking regular UAVs. Not only in terms of “how good they are” but also in “how you want to use them.”

For JGOD’s money, if you’re playing for high-kill games, the advanced option might be a little out of your budget for just 40 seconds of intel. But if you’re playing to secure a win, Advanced UAVs will be far more beneficial. 

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