Insane Warzone exploit lets players go invisible under Stadium for free wins

Verdansk '84 StadiumActivision

The launch of Verdansk ’84 represented Warzone’s biggest environmental overhaul since its 2020 launch, but some players have already identified game-breaking bugs within the new map. 

The anticipation of Warzone’s third season was so great that it’s probably fair to say some were left slightly underwhelmed with the 1984 re-skin of Verdansk, rather than an entirely new environment for Call of Duty’s sophomore battle royale.

As a result of the map re-skin, many POIs from the original Verdansk remain, just with slight adjustments. Stadium experienced some significant changes, though, with the giant bowl we were used to being replaced by a much more modest stadium under construction.

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Despite only dropping on April 21, players have found a pretty serious exploit that allows them under the map in an untouchable position.

Warzone’s old stadium is no longer, being replaced by a modest 1984 version.

A clip, uploaded to Reddit by u/TITANxRaven, shows an enemy player who has managed to get under stadium’s football field, below the mounds and construction vehicles that scatter the pitch. The player is able to shoot at and down enemies from their below-the-map location, but seem invisible.

While Warzone has had (and continues to have) big issues with cheaters, this appears more likely to be a texturing glitch of some kind.

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We have seen similar issues at Airport in Verdansk ’84, so it seems likely that the issues are texturing bugs in the new environment.

While it may be down to a glitch, the clip shows a whole team playing under the map, seemingly exploiting the bug to give them invulnerability and an essentially free win.

As of the publication this article, Raven have not responded to the issues. Some bugs were to be expected given the significant overhaul Verdansk ’84 constitutes, but many still want to see a quick fix to prevent more players racking up unfair wins.

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For a full idea of the issues Raven and Treyarch are monitoring, check out their dedicated Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Trello board.