Activision changing how they reveal new Call of Duty games due to Warzone success


While Activision has generally revealed new Call of Duty games in first-half of the year in the past, it seems like the publisher might is looking to shift that window and it might be due to the success of Warzone. 

If you’ve been wondering when the reveal of Call of Duty 2021 might happen, it sounds like you’re going to have to be patient and wait until later in the year.

In a brand-new interview with VentureBeat, President of Activision Rob Kostich hinted that the company is looking to shift the reveal for new games, similar to how they revealed Black Ops Cold War much later than the community anticipated.

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After the success of BOCW’s reveal in Warzone, it seems like Activision wants to shift the reveal of new CoD games to later in the year.

Specifically, Kostich seemed to attribute the shift to the fact that they want to bring the community together, specifically bringing up the reveal of Black Ops Cold War, within Warzone itself, something that was unprecedented at the time.

“Those are the things we want to orchestrate and provide to our community, letting them discover Call of Duty themselves in their play experience,” Kostich said.

While not exact confirmation per se, this seems to imply that Activision will be holding similar events Warzone to reveal new games, which shouldn’t be all that surprising given their past success.

Activision’s recent comments mean we might be getting a reveal for WWII: Vanguard later in the year.

The timing of these reveals would represent a pretty major change for the company going forward. Generally speaking, each Call of Duty game gets revealed in April or May, shown off to a certain extent at E3, and then released to the world in October or November.

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It should be noted, however, that the timing for these announcements has been getting shifted slowly over the past few games. 2018’s Black Ops 4 was revealed in mid-May, 2019’s Modern Warfare was in late May, and BOCW’s was in August – and with the success of the latter’s reveal, this change shouldn’t be all that surprising.

The current rumors surrounding Call of Duty 2021 say that it’ll be titled WWII: Vanguard and is being developed by Sledgehammer Games. If this game follows last year’s schedule again, fans should expect the reveal for the title around August 2021.