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SuperEvan & Biffle win HusKerrs Howl $300k Warzone event: recap, results

Published: 8/Nov/2020 5:15 Updated: 8/Nov/2020 5:35

by Brad Norton


Another massive Warzone event has passed by as popular content creator and battle royale champion Jordan ‘HusKerrs’ Thomas’ HusKerrs Howl tournament wrapped up its mega $300,000 final.

After making history as the first player to pass six figures in Warzone winnings, it’s only fitting that HusKerrs’ event comes with the biggest prize pool yet. A whopping $300,000 is up for grabs over the course of two weeks, and we’re only one qualifier away from the final of the event.

Duos have been dropping into Verdansk across multiple weeks in order to qualify for the Finals. Additionally, there was also a special one-off Zombie Trios section to get things going before the Duos competition really begins.


However, only one Duo could reign supreme, and take home the $75,000 grand prize.

SuperEvan & Biffle run the lower bracket to win HusKerrs Howl

The HusKerrs event may not have ended the way most people expected, but it went the full distance. For starters, Aydan didn’t make the final, instead losing in a big upset to HusKerrs himself and then TeePee and Crowder in the lower bracket.

Neither of those teams ended up making it to the final however. Instead, it was Tommey and Rated going up against SuperEvan and Biffle. Tommey and Rated had the advantage having come from the upper bracket, but the underdog buff was strong.

Evan and Biffle dropped huge frags in their first two games of the finals to force a bracket reset. They ended up going up 69 to 49 kills.


The action only heated up in the reset though. In the first game of the bracket reset, the two duos dropped a combined 94 kills in what was a monstruous game.

Biffle and Evan’s 52 point game stunned the upper bracket hopefuls, and things didn’t get better in Game 2. Tommey and Rated were blown out of the sky right at the start of the second game, and Rated lost his Gulag battle. Tommey managed to clutch up, but they were set too far behind to catch up.

It’s a big win for Evan and Biffle, who managed to climb up through the lower bracket to pocket the $75,000 first prize. HusKerrs himself, alongside Symfuhny, were able to take out the third place prize of $30,000.


HusKerrs Howl Grand Final duos results

The Grand Finals took the eight best teams in the qualifiers, including many Warzone fan-favorites. You can find the full results below.

Place Team Prize Money (USD)
1 SuperEvan / DiazBiffle $75,000
2 Tommey / Rated $45,000
3 HusKerrs / Symfuhny $30,000
4 TeePee / Crowder $0
5-6 Repullze / Priestahh $0
5-6 Zlaner / Aydan $0
7-8 Bobbypoff / Crimsix $0
7-8 Dashy / Almxnd $0

HusKerrs Howl Qualifier #3 results

Aydan and Zlaner are easily the hottest duo in Warzone right now. They’re just so hot right now.

After blazing through the competition in the first Qualifier, they returned for the third, after not needing to play in the second, and quickly scorched their way to another $30k victory. Their place in the Grand Finals was already secured, but that didn’t stop the high IQ, electric-beam duo from racking up kills and wins to ensure fiery momentum going into the final day.


The fearsome new duo didn’t drop a single match in the Qualifier and piled up 259 team kills through all four rounds of the competition. While Aydan piled up a nutty 5.39 K/D with 14 average kills, it was Zlaner whose impeccable play continued to astound fans of Verdansk action. On the day, he pulled off an absurd 10.38 K/D with 15 average kills.

Placement Team Prize
1st Aydan & Zlaner $30,000
2nd TeePee & Crowder $5,000 + Spot in the Finals
3rd Tommey & Rated
4th SuperEvan & DiazBiffle
5th Repullze & Priestahh
6th Scump & Formal
7th Merk & Maven
8th Swagg & Booya

HusKerrs Howl Qualifier #2 results

For the second qualifying event, only eight Duos were lined up to earn a spot in the finals. Every single player in this round of action came straight from the first qualifier, there were no new duos dropping in. While the foes might have been familiar, results were as unpredictable as ever.


Warzone night mode
The top Warzone competitors have taken to Verdansk to get the better of one another in kill-race matches.

After coming up close in the first round, HusKerrs himself failed to win a single round with his partner Symfuhny. Similarly, IcemanIsaac & exzachtt were also knocked out in the very first round. However, things turned around for Duos that couldn’t quite keep up in the first qualifier.

After placing 13th and 7th respectively, Bobbypoff & Crimsix met Dashy & Almxnd in the grand finals. It was a close affair after a first outing earlier in the day. The same winners pushed through both rounds though as Bobbypoff & Crimsix proved too strong.

Placement Team Prize
1st Bobbypoff & Crimsix $20,000 + Spot in the Finals
2nd Dashy & Almxnd $10,000 + Spot in the Finals
3rd DougisRaw & Ricky
4th Tfue & Destroy
5th LuckyChamu & JoeWoe
6th DadBodGaming & PickNickBasket
7th IcemanIsaac & exzachtt
8th Symfuhny & HusKerrs

HusKerrs Howl Qualifier #1 results

With the event shifting to Duos competition, teams came out firing on all cylinders for the first qualifier. HusKerrs Howl boasts the biggest prize pool to date so every single round matters more than ever before. Certain players found their groove early on and swept right through their opponents in the opening round.  The likes of Maven & Merk, Tfue & Destroy, and even TeePee & Crowder were all knocked out of the running early on.

Veteran Warzone competitors proved themselves once again in this first qualifier, however. From Tommey & Rated to Symfuhny and HusKerrs himself, everyone was gunning for the all-important top three. In his very own event, HusKerrs came extremely close to clinching a spot in the finals. He finished in fourth place, just one spot away from punching his ticket alongside Symfuhny.

Ultimately, the first qualifying event came down to a heated standoff between the Duos of Tommey & Rated and Zlaner & Aydan. It didn’t take long to determine the overall winner though, as Zlaner & Aydan played their best games yet and cruised through to a 3-0 win.

Placement Team Prize
1st Zlaner & Aydan $30,000 + Spot in the Finals
2nd Tommey & Rated Spot in the Finals
3rd SuperEvan & Diazbiffle Spot in the Finals
4th Symfuhny & HusKerrs $5,000
5th IcemanIsaac & exzachtt
6th Repullze & Priestahh
7th Dashy & Almxnd
8th Scump & FormaL
9th DadBodGaming & PickNickBasket
10th DougisRaw & Ricky
11th Swagg & Booya
12th TeePee & Crowder
13th Bobbypoff & Crimsix
14th LuckyChamu & JoeWoe
15th Maven & Merk
16th Tfue & Destroy

HusKerrs Howl Zombie Royale results

For this opening portion of the event, Trios were dropping into the limited-time Zombie Royale playlist. With Verdansk pitch black and powerful Zombies all over the map, it was certainly one of the more unique challenges to date. All of the expected names were involved, though given the unique format of this competition, teams weren’t limited by a KD cap of any kind.

Destroy, Tfue and Zlaner ended up taking home the $30k prize, beating the team of Aydan, SuperEvan and Rated in the final.

Placement Team Prize
1st Destroy, Tfue, & Zlaner $30,000
2nd Aydan, SuperEvan, & Rated
3rd HusKerrs, Symfuhny, & Tommey
4th IcemanIsaac, Rallied, & FeLo
5th FormaL, Scump, & Ricky
6th TeePee, Dougisraw, & Unrational
7th Priestahh, Swagg, & Booya
8th TimTheTatman, aHTracT12, & Frozone
9th Bobby, Crimsix, & Censor
10th DadBodGaming, PickNickBasket, & Oakleyboiii
11th DiazBiffle, Repullze, & LuckyChamu
12th Merk, Maven, & Crowder

HusKerrs Howl Warzone event format

Warzone gameplay
Infinity Ward
This particular competition is for Duos only.

This particular Warzone competition is for Duos only and will feature a double-elimination bracket. 16 teams will be dropping in for the first day of action. They will go head to head until the very end with only the Top 3 qualifying for the Finals.

For the final two days of the qualifiers, only eight duos will be playing. From here, the Top 2 make it into the Finals. This makes seven Duos so HusKerrs will be taking the eighth and final spot.

As teams are going head to head, the Duo with the highest point total in each matchup will advance. No different from most Warzone events, teams will be awarded one point per elimination. There’s currently no telling how many points will be awarded for higher placements in each match.

Stay tuned over the coming days for full recaps and results as the action gets underway. Big names such as Symfuhny, Aydan, and TeePee are all expected for the event. So it’s sure to be an intense tournament.