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Warzone players heated over calls to remove “unfair” Juggernaut

Published: 1/Nov/2020 14:17

by Connor Bennett


Call of Duty Warzone players have called on the developers of the battle royale to remove Juggernaut from normal play, but not everyone agrees.

Since Warzone released back in March, millions of gamers have dropped into Verdansk for a game or two – experiencing the second offering of a battle royale from Call of Duty. 

Obviously, there are many similarities with other battle royale titles but, there are a few differences too – mainly coming in the form of killstreaks, loadout drops, and even the ability to use certain perks. 

Given that all of those things are available, plenty of Call of Duty staples are used, including Juggernauts. However, not everyone is a fan of the powerful character – and some even want it removed entirely from normal matches. 

Juggernaut killstreak
Activision / Infinity Ward
The juggernaut suit has, typically, always been a fan favorite.

The idea to get rid of the Juggernauts has grown through the community at times, and the newest call that has gained traction comes from Reddit user b1320s, who wants them out of Solo matches. 

The Redditor pointed out that, previously, the Subway Easter Egg in Warzone gave out perks and other bonuses, but now it guarantees a Juggernaut. “I’ve got back to back solo wins because of it. Super easy and super unfair. Please IW, take it out,” they commented, pleading their case to the devs. 

Other players, like jogdenpr, suggested that the powerful killstreak only be available in limited-time modes. “They should take it out of every mode that isn’t an LTM,” they added. 

Take Jug out of SOLOs… from CODWarzone

On the flip side, some players disagreed and noted that if you’re prepared to come across an enemy using the Jug, you can pick them off – especially if you can fight them at long range. “I’m excited seeing a jug. So slow and that gun is horribly in accurate past like 50 meters. Easy kill,” said Roenicksmemoirs

Ever since Warzone released, the devs have taken feedback on board with issues, and ironed them out. However, with Call of Duty players getting ready to cross over into Black Ops Cold War, the battle royale could be reimagined in a big way. So, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Call of Duty

Warzone devs confirm secret nerfs to Cold War suppressors will be reverted

Published: 25/Feb/2021 21:47 Updated: 25/Feb/2021 21:56

by Theo Salaun


Fans of Call of Duty: Warzone will be pleased to know that Season 2’s secret nerfs to the Agency Suppressor and other Black Ops Cold War silencers will be reverted very soon.

As soon as the clock hit zero, tons of Warzone players eagerly logged on for some late-night, Season 2 action. Intrigued by a mysterious ghost ship, an assortment of zombies, new ground loot and two brand-new guns… players became surprised by an unsavory change: weaker Cold War guns.

While the Agency Suppressor was originally weak at range, then buffed to fit in line with Modern Warfare’s Monolithic Suppressor, the attachment’s strength appeared to have been weakened in Season 2.

Murmurings spread around the community quickly, with content creator JGOD then confirming what many had begun suspecting — the Agency Suppressor actually hurts your bullet velocity (again). Fortunately, devs have quickly responded and confirmed that this will be reverted.

As JGOD explores in his video, the new update does ensure that in-game descriptions of attachment values are actually reflective of what they do in the game. So attachments that claim to help bullet velocity will actually do so, which was not the case in the past.

The downside, though, is that this means that the hidden buffs to the Agency Suppressor’s bullet velocity (as seen with the FFAR 1) are now reflective of the attachment information. So, as the game says, bullet velocity is now nerfed.

An immediate detriment, the Monolithic Suppressor was considered the go-to Warzone attachment because velocity buffs ensured players could be more effective at hitting shots on the large map. By reverting the buffs to make the Agency Suppressor similar to Monolithic, the update effectively nerfs all ranged Cold War guns.

As Raven Software tweeted within a day of the new update going live, Agency, Gru and Wrapped Suppressors will be reverted “to their former glory in the next hotfix.” 

This likely means that, in line with the Monolithic Suppressor, these suppressors will enjoy a bullet velocity buff — making them more effective at range and much more viable. 

While it may be frustrating for fans to know that these buffs and nerfs aren’t reflected in the patch notes, one can only hope that the new emphasis on transparency in the in-game attachment descriptions will be reflected in the new hot fix. That could be a huge help, as fans will no longer need to test things out themselves to figure out what attachments truly do.