How to get Season 1 Combat Pack in Warzone & Black Ops Cold War

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call of duty black ops cold war warzone season 1

Another season of Call of Duty: Warzone means a new, free Combat Pack for PlayStation Plus subscribers. Here’s how PS5 and PS4 PS Plus subscribers can get the Black Ops Cold War Season 1 Combat Pack.

Sony and Activision’s relationship continues to mean bonus content for PlayStation players, even as Warzone integrates Treyarch’s new title into Infinity Ward’s formerly sole domain. Alongside the Season One Battle Pass, PS players can enjoy a new bundle of content for use in BOCW and Warzone.

From now until November 21, 2021, Sony’s players will be able to hit lobbies donning an exclusive Sims Operator skin and rocking a similarly limited LMG blueprint. For added flair, the pack comes with extra cosmetics and Double XP perks.

Here’s the full contents of the newest Combat Pack and how you can download it for free on PS4 and PS5.

black ops cold war season 1 combat pack
The Season 1 Combat Pack features some fun items to whip out on Verdansk and beyond.

What’s in the Warzone: Black Ops Cold War Season 1 Combat Pack?

The BOCW Season 1 update is the largest content drop since Warzone made its March 2020 debut. With that in mind, few should be disappointed if the new season’s Combat Pack is limited compared to its predecessors. 

Fortunately, while that is the case, it only has one fewer item than Season 6’s Combat Pack — leaving it at a solid seven free items to enjoy while flying toward Tier 100 and some Rebirth Island glory. 

  • Epic Sims Operator Skin
  • Legendary LMG Weapon Blueprint
  • Legendary Watch
  • Legendary Calling Card
  • Epic Emblem
  • Epic Weapon Charm
  • 60-minute Double XP Token
dead pharoah BOCW WZ season 1 blueprint
The Combat Pack’s new “Dead Pharoah” Blueprint is for BOCW’s RPD LMG.

How do I get the Warzone: Black Ops Cold War Season 1 Combat Pack?

If you’ve gotten one of the free Combat Packs in the past, then you’ll be familiar with the process for this one. Whether you go through your computer, console, or the Warzone and BOCW applications, you’ll end up accessing it through the PlayStation Store.

  1. Visit the PlayStation store (either through your system directly, through the website, or through the “Franchise Store” section of your BOCW or WZ application)
  2. If going through the PS Store directly, simply search “Combat Pack” in the search bar
  3. Find the “Penumbra” bundle
  4. Click “Download” and look forward to your goodies

With all of those steps completed, you’ll be able to access the new cosmetics and Weapon Blueprint (which is for the RPD LMG) in both Black Ops Cold War and Warzone as soon as you open the games up.

And if you feel like procrastinating, fear not, you have until the aforementioned November 21, 2021 date to get your gifts.

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