Warzone Season 1 adds new ‘Resurgence’ game mode: how it works

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A new ‘Resurgence’ game mode has arrived with the Season 1 Warzone update, and it’s fair to say it shakes up the typical battle royale rules. Here’s everything you need to know about Warzone’s next big addition.

Warzone’s biggest ever update is finally here, and it’s come with a wealth of exciting content for fans to get stuck into.

Perhaps the most anticipated aspect of the Season 1 update is the new ‘Rebirth Island’ map. Set in a shutdown Soviet base that was recommissioned as a chemical bioweapon testing facility, ‘Rebirth Island’ provides players with a mysterious and dark location to explore.

The Season 1 map has also brought with it an exclusive ‘Resurgence’ mode that emphasizes both survival and aggression.

Warzone’s Season 1 update will go live on December 16.

Warzone Resurgence mode adds new Rebirth island

The latest Call of Duty blog has revealed Warzone Season 1 will bring players an exclusive mode for the new ‘Rebirth Island’ map.

The mode is called ‘Resurgence’ and it puts a spin on the Warzone’s traditional respawn mechanic.

For starters, the mode follows the standard battle royale objective of last man or squad standing. However, if you take down an enemy you’ll be notified exactly where the rest of their squad is located. This pushes teams to play more aggressively and encourages players to take more gunfights.

If you’re taken down, they’ll be no 1v1 in the Gulag to respawn. Instead, you’ll have to wait until the ‘Rebirth Countdown’ reaches zero, after which you’ll automatically be dropped back into the fray.

The new ‘Rebirth Island’ map is smaller than Verdansk and will host fewer players in matches.

‘Resurgence’ is a mode that encourages squads to play in different ways depending on their situation. If your whole team is alive, then all-out aggression may be the perfect strategy, utilizing the information gained after killing a player to wipe out whole squads.

However, if you’re a man down, you might want to play it safe and survive until the ‘Rebirth Countdown’ hits zero.

It’s this balance between aggression and survival that is guaranteed to make ‘Resurgence’ a great mode. So, don’t forget to jump into the update — which is now live! — and try out ‘Resurgence’ for yourself.

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