Rebirth Island best landing spots for Warzone Season 1


Warzone Season 1’s Rebirth Island map has arrived and there’s a range of new areas to explore, but which are the best landing spots?

Where you decide to land in a battle royale map has a huge impact on whether you go onto win the match. Finding loot as fast as possible is the key to survival and the only way you’ll be coming out with the victory.

This is particularly important in Warzone’s new Rebirth Island map. Unlike Verdansk, Rebirth Island only hosts 40 players maximum but the map is significantly smaller. This means the gameplay experience is chaotic and fast-paced, so finding a weapon as quickly as possible is a must.

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Let’s check out the best landing spots we’ve found on Warzone’s Rebirth Island map.

The Rebirth Island map provides players with a chaotic and fast-paced gameplay experience.

Security Area

Located in the South-West corner of Rebirth Island, Security Area has everything a player needs to start a match off properly. With an easy to access Buy Station, multiple vehicle spawns, and a helicopter, there’s plenty of options for players once they have gathered their loot. However, if you’re not a fan of immediate chaos, then maybe steer clear of this location.

By Rebirth Island’s standards, Security Area is relatively isolated and will leave you to battle it out with any other squads who dropped into the area. The location isn’t abundant with loot, but as it’s a contained space, squads who look to play aggressively and kill enemies will leave Security Area on track for the win.

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It’s worth noting that the helicopter spawn will be heavily contested by squads so keep your eyes to the skies.

Security area watchtower and helipad.

Chemical Engineering

If you’re looking for a location that provides a bit more high-tier loot, then Chemical Engineering may be the perfect landing spot. Found in the North-East of Rebirth Island, Chemical Engineering will certainly be more consistent and less chaotic than Security Area.

The four-story office building that can be found in the area is a particularly great spot for finding high-tier loot. Not to mention there’s a Buy Station nearby which is key on Rebirth Island, as there are very few compared to Verdansk.

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Chemical Engineering Office building.

Prison Block

It would be rude not to include the central and high-risk landing spot that is Prison Block. If you’re a fan of Stadium in Verdansk, then this location will provide you with the frantic and fast-paced gameplay you’re used to.

This area is for the players who looking to take endless gunfights at the start of the match and clear out the competition. Although it’s a risky option, if you’re successful you’ll guarantee yourself all the resources needed to pick up the victory.

On top of this, Prison Block’s central location offers players a view of the entire map and is ideal for fans of Snipers. There’s no doubt this area isn’t for the faint of heart, but if you excel at winning gunfights then it’s the perfect landing spot.

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Prison Block will be a hotspot for squads every single match.

Bioweapons Lab

If you’re looking for a location to lockdown with your squad, Bioweapons Lab may be the perfect landing spot for you. As this is a popular area, they’ll likely be a number of squads you’ll need to defeat right after the drop. After that, you’ll be able to control one of the floors and dominate any enemies attempting to enter the building.

A great strategy is to control the roof as it offers a useful vantage point across the map and means you can take out any enemies redeploying.

It’s worth noting that Bioweapons Lab is located on the edge of the map so you may have to travel a long distance to catch up with the ring.

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Bioweapons Lab building.

Living Quarters

Living Quarters is located in the South of the island and is made up of four small buildings all in close proximity. Although each of the buildings doesn’t contain an enormous amount of loot, all four will easily gear up an entire squad.

On top of this, at Living Quarters, you have the high ground over enemies down in the Security Area. Don’t be afraid to shoot down on squads below to pick up some easy kills.

Finally, there’s a Buy Station right outside the buildings so picking up a loadout drop shouldn’t be too difficult.

Living Quarters buildings.

Hopefully, this has given you a good idea of where you want to land in your next Rebirth Island match. Try out each of the locations and see which one best suits your playstyle.

No landing spot will guarantee you victory, but choosing the right area is important for setting yourself up to get there.