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How to complete Warzone & Black Ops Cold War’s Season 4 Ground Fall event challenges

Published: 20/Jun/2021 17:11

by Nick Farrell


The brand new in-game event within Call of Duty Warzone has some intriguing challenges for players to complete. Be sure to get all of these complete as the Ground Fall event will not be here forever.

Warzone Season 4 arrived towards the middle of June, and it has shifted the meta of the game quite significantly. While the MG 82 has already been nerfed after it was a hot topic upon the season’s release for its notable buff, there are still a lot of bright spots to this season.

One of the new aspects of Warzone Season 4 is the Ground Fall event, this new in-game event also brings a few challenges players can complete which yield some XP to level up your battle pass.


If you are looking for a quick and easy solution to these challenges, we have got you covered.

Season 4 Ground Fall challenges
There are six unique challenges to complete as part of the Ground Fall event in Season 4.

How to complete Ground Fall challenges

There are a total of six challenges within the Ground Fall event, three for Black Ops Cold War and three for Warzone. Below are all of the challenges, what you will have to do, and the reward you will earn for complete it.

Black Ops Cold War Ground Fall Challenges & Rewards

Challenge Objective Reward
Uplink Online In Cold War, earn 1000 points from captured Uplink Stations in Fireteam Sat-Link. Cosmic Commuter – Arcade Game
Global Network In Cold War, get 250 Eliminations in matches on Collateral, Collateral Strike, Hijacked, or Amsterdam. Comrade Pupper – Emblem
High Caliber In Cold War, get 15 kills with the Hand Cannon Scorestreak. Race to the Surface – Calling Card

Warzone Ground Fall Challenges & Rewards

Challenge Objective Reward
Uplink Secure In Warzone, secure 5 Uplink Stations. Satellite – Charm
Firewall Security In Warzone, Eliminate 10 enemies while near an active Uplink Station or recently crashed Satellite. To the Moon – Calling Card
Crash Site Recovery In Warzone, collect 3 rewards from crashed Satellites. Launch Time – Emblem
Season 4 features some stellar Operator skins within the battle pass once again

Now that you know all of the challenges, here’s a rundown of how to complete each as fast as possible.

  • Uplink Online
    • Hop into a Fireteam game and aim to complete the objective as fast as possible, and as much as you can to earn 1000 points
  • Global Network
    • We recommend using Assault Rifles or SMGs for this one, as you will be able to push the mantle to get as many eliminations as possible
  • High Caliber
    • Equip the Hand Cannon scorestreak and try to earn it as many times as possible in a match
  • Uplink Secure
    • Do not get these confused with the crashed satellites around the Warzone map, as these Uplink’s spawn randomly around the map and are not pinpointed on the mini-map. So, it is hard to say where they will exactly spawn, but you will for sure run into some from time to time
  • Firewall Security 
    • This one can be completed by posting up near an Uplink station you encounter while roaming the map, as other players are bound to come across one of them and will try to use one
  • Crash Site Recovery 
    • The last challenge can be completed by interacting with one of the four crashed satellites around the map. Once you do so, you will have to wait for a loot package to spawn, which may drop a HARP UAV! Here are all the locations of the crashed satellites

Be sure to get these challenges done as soon as possible, as this new Warzone event will not be around for the entirety of the season.