How to get the Warzone HARP UAV killstreak in Season 4

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warzone harp uav

Warzone Season 4 has added a ton of content for players to check out, and there is even a new way for players to obtain an elusive scorestreak in the HARP UAV killstreak.

Warzone released its fourth season on June 17, 2021, and since players have once again, had to adjust to the new meta within the game. This has caused an ample amount of turmoil between players, but it is always nice to see new weapons atop the game.

With Season 4, Warzone is yet again having players search all around the map in the eye of new loot that can aid them in battle. One of the most sought-after loot thus far is the HARP UAV, which can only be obtained through a certain method.

Here’s how to find and use the HARP UAV killstreak in Warzone!

Warzone season 4
Warzone Season 4 is one that has been enjoyed by fans thus far

What is the HARP UAV?

Identical to an Advanced UAV from the previous Call of Duty titles, the HARP UAV allows players to see everyone on the map no matter if they are wearing Ghost or not.

As well, players will be able to see which way the enemy is looking, so this can be highly advantageous for you if you are looking to enter into a building or rotate into zone. So, there is no wonder why this killstreak is sought after so much since it was discovered to be obtainable within the game.

How to get the HARP UAV

If you are looking to snag one of the HARP UAV’s to use within a match of Warzone, you must be aware that is not like any other killstreak you can purchase from the Buy Station.

Instead, you will need to follow these steps in order to obtain one.

  1. Be sure the Ground Fall event is still on-going
  2. Head over to one of the downed Satellites scattered around the Warzone map. All locations of these can be viewed here
  3. Complete an uplink on one of them
  4. Wait for the loot package to drop from the sky, which will contain the HARP UAV

Once you have successfully completed these steps and now have the HARP UAV, you are good to go!

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