Warzone players claim removing Rebirth for Fortune’s Keep will “kill” battle royale

. 2 weeks ago
Rebirth Island map in Call of Duty Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone have voiced their concerns about the potential demise of Rebirth Island, with rumors suggesting it is going to be replaced by a new map – Fortune’s Keep.

When Warzone first launched as a part of Modern Warfare in March of 2020, it came with just one map – Verdansk. Though, like many of its battle royale rivals, that didn’t last long.

As players wanted a handful of virtual battlefields to fight on, the battle royale devs obliged. On top of numerous Verdansk overhauls, Rebirth Island was also added to the mix, giving fans a much smaller and action-packed map to fight on.

With Verdansk being replaced by Caldera – and players not being overly impressed by the World War 2 setting – Rebirth has become many’s go-to mode of choice. However, there are rumors that suggest it may be going away, and fans aren’t best pleased.

warzone player throws hardscoping sniper
Rebirth Island may not be safe for much longer.

On June 12, Activision started teasing a new map – Fortune’s Keep – coming to Warzone as a part of the Season 4 update. As of writing, not much is known about the new setting aside from the name and the fact it is based in the Meditteranean.

It is claimed, however, that Fortune’s Keep is supposed to replace Rebirth as a secondary map, and that has ruffled a few feathers within the community. Rebirth is like the only thing keeping this game afloat right now. I hope they know what they’re doing,” stated Redditor IamZaid321. “If they get rid of Rebirth I’m out,” added another.

Some fans suggested that Rebirth’s removal would “kill” the battle royale, with others questioning why a new map is being added so late into the day. “I’m totally done and will just play something else if they take out rebirth. How dumb can they be, though?”  commented another player.

As noted, details are still thin on the ground about Warzone’s next map, but seeing as it’s taking the place of Rebirth, it seems likely that it’ll be a similar size and setup.

We’ll just have to wait until Raven Software and Activision more details, however, some fans aren’t overly excited by ht prospect of change and may take a break.

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