How to unlock UGM-8 LMG in Warzone & Vanguard Season 4

Warzone Operator with UGM-8 LMGActivision

Warzone and Vanguard Season 4 is nearly here, and it’s coming with a host of new weapons for players to get to grips with. One of these brand-new toys is the UGM-8 LMG, so here’s how to get your hands on it.

Season 4 of Warzone and Vanguard is set to bring a heap of new content to both games. We’ve already had a good look at the new Fortune’s Keep map coming to the battle royale, and the return of Shi No Numa in Vanguard Zombies.

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One of the most exciting parts of any fresh season is the additional weapons to try out, and Season 4 is certainly delivering on that front. From the dual-wield Marco 5 SMG to the Vargo-S coming later down the line.

Arguably the most interesting of the bunch is the UGM-8, a highly mobile LMG with a blistering fire rate. Here’s how to unlock the new weapon in Warzone and Vanguard Season 4.

Warzone Operator sitting in gold chairActivision
Warzone and Vanguard Season 4 is bringing plenty of new weapons to both games.

How to unlock the UGM-8 in Warzone & Vanguard

You’ll be pleased to hear that the UGM-8 is unlocked in Warzone and Vanguard for free at Tier 31 in the Season 4 Battle Pass. This means that all players can pick up the new weapon whether they bought the Battle Pass or not.

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If you simply can’t wait to get your hands on the LMG by grinding XP, the option is also there to purchase a bundle containing the weapon from the CoD Store with real money. However, the weapon can be unlocked for free, so the choice is all yours.

After Season 4 ends, players will still be able to pick up the UGM-8 by completing an in-game challenge. This challenge will be revealed when the gun is removed from the Battle Pass.

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LMGs don’t normally challenge the meta due to their bulky size, but the UGM-8 could easily prove to be the outlier.  In the Season 4 blog post, the devs called it a “high fire rate, mobile LMG that excels at creating suppressing fire and pushing enemy positions.”

It seems that the UGM-8 will play more like a lightweight SMG, making it an interesting option for players when picking their loadout. The devs did warn, however, that it “chews through ammo,” so Attachments and Perks should be chosen carefully.

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We won’t know exactly how effective the new LMG is until players finally get their hands on it at the start of Season 4. Hopefully, it will be another strong addition to Warzone and Vanguard’s arsenals.

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