Warzone set to add new Fortune’s Keep map in Season 4 update

. 24 days ago
plane flying over cod warzone's rebirth island map

The Warzone devs have teased a new map – Fortune’s Keep – coming to the game in Season 4 and it could tie into the upcoming Rebirth Island event.

Warzone hasn’t seen a new map since the release of Caldera on December 9 but that’s not the case for much longer.

Fortune’s Keep has now been confirmed to be the next addition to the game and with a new event happening over on Rebirth Island, the two seem to be linked tightly together.

Warzone to add new Fortune’s Keep map in Season 4

The details are still sparse as to what this new battlefield will hold but the picture should become much clearer in the coming days.

As announced in the Season 3 Reloaded preview back in May, Rebirth Island is canonically under attack by a set of hackers, who are the reason for the occupational scans around the map

warzone player throws hardscoping sniper
Rebirth Island may not be safe for much longer.

“Although there are no physical threats detected, we are led to believe that mercenary forces, currently stationed at [[REDACTED]] may be contracted shortly to attack our Alliance on Rebirth Island.”

With a name like Fortune’s Keep, which carries a just a hint of piracy, this could be exactly what that ominous warning was all about.

Season 3 comes to a close on June 22, so players should keep their eyes peeled for more details closer to that time.

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