Warzone Pacific devs explain how buying loadouts will change in Caldera

player taking cover behind a loadout box in warzoneActivision

Loadouts are one of Call of Duty: Warzone’s most important gameplay elements. After flirting with changes in the Operation Flashback LTM, Warzone Pacific’s devs have addressed the changes being made to loadouts in Caldera.

A crucial key to victory in Call of Duty’s battle royale is acquiring your loadout ASAP. Warzone victories come a lot easier if you have your favorite guns, attachments, and Perks. Raven Software has tinkered with them throughout various games modes, most recently the Operation Flashback LTM.

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Players were typically not grabbing their loadout until the second or third circle, and it changed the way players had to approach the game. There have been some concerns that Warzone Pacific may retain this philosophy, and one of the devs has now addressed the matter.

New POI in caldera mapActivision
We wonder which buildings we can get our loadout stuck on this time?

CharlieINTEL shared news of some of the major changes coming to Warzone’s new Caldera map, one of which was to loadouts.

The official patch notes said: “Another change involved Loadout Drop Markers – they can now only be purchased from Buy Stations after the Loadout Drop event occurs in a match, effectively shifting their usefulness from an immediate power spike to a more tactical choice in the mid to end game.”

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So the change isn’t as extreme as in Operation Flashback, but players will have to be mindful going forward. After some opposition from NICKMERCS who said the change was “an L for sure” and FaZe Swagg who commented that “That loadout stuff is wack,” Warzone Creative Director Tim Timmins reassured players.

Top streamers and players can sometimes grab the cash and whip out their loadout well before the first circle collapse is done. So this new change is certainly going to add a bit more spice to battle royale games in the new Caldera map.

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