Dr Disrespect urges Warzone 2 devs to overhaul “sluggish” movement ruining gameplay

Connor Bennett
Dr Disrespect sat in front of Warzone 2 ranked play screen

Dr Disrespect wants the Warzone 2 devs to make further movement changes following Season 3 Reloaded as he believes it is still too “sluggish” at times. 

Between the original Warzone and Warzone 2, much has been made about the difference in movement that players can pull off, especially when they’re stuck in a close-range gunfight with enemies.

Warzone 2 lacks that supersonic speed that players had with Stim Shots and slide-canceling in Warzone originally, but, they are able to dive further to avoid foes. Though, there have been plenty of calls to take things back to the way they were previously.

With Season 3 Reloaded, the devs tweaked movement a bit, increasing initial sliding acceleration by 6% and reducing weapon raise delay following a parachute landing by 30%, which, in theory, should allow players to engage faster. Though, Dr Disrespect believes there is still more to be done. 

Dr Disrespect wants further Warzone 2 movement changes after Season 3 Reloaded

The Two-Time, who has had a rollercoaster relationship with the Call of Duty franchise over the last few years, jumped into the new update upon its launch but immediately found issues. 

He had problems after getting into a fight shortly after mantling on a piece of cover after climbing a ladder. “Ladder speed is not too bad. I’d increase it by about 15-20%, the climb speed, that’s all it needs,” The Doc said to kick things off. 

The streaming star added that the devs have made mantling “friendlier” as there is now an element of “strafe mantling” that needs to be looked into and adjusted.

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He also hit out at flinching, noting that players shouldn’t be sent to look skywards after taking shots to the body. 

“There is way too much flinch with snipers man. Snipers are already irrelevant due to the damage and you’ve just made them not fun,” The Two-Time added. “Just an all-around sluggish game.”

It remains to be seen if the devs will make any further changes, but The Doc is not alone in wanting things to be tuned a little more.

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