Dr Disrespect claims he’s done playing Warzone: “Get me off this f**king game”

Dr Disrespect admits he's hit his Warzone breaking point and may quit completely.YouTube: Dr Disrespect / Activision

It looks like Dr Disrespect has finally hit his Warzone breaking point, with the YouTuber admitting he is “genuinely considering stopping” anything to do with the Call of Duty battle royale — on stream or off — until Activision releases Vanguard’s new Tropics map.

Dr Disrespect’s history with Warzone is dotted with rants and raves.

Ever since the battle royale was released midway through 2019, the YouTuber has been suggesting ways to improve the title, dished out bucketloads of roasts and rants, and even quit the game on several occasions.

The Doc’s issues with the Activision-helmed game boils down to two things: its “lackluster speed” and the unstoppable wave of Warzone cheaters swarming the battle royale. These problems have sent Dr Disrespect to Apex Legends, Overwatch, and Valorant for stints in the past.

This time, however, it looks like the two-time may hang up the CoD sticks for good, with the new Vanguard map the only thing that may bring him back.

Dr DisrespectYouTube: DrDisrespect
The two-time sounds burnt out with Warzone in a big way ahead of Vanguard’s release.

Dr Disrespect has had plenty of Warzone rants before. In fact, he’s probably close to hitting triple digits. Those all came with his signature over-the-top in-character tirades, however. This time though, during his September 20 stream, the YouTuber just seemed burned out.

“That’s it for me, man,” he sighed.

“Get me off this f**king game. Holy sh*t, what a snooze fest. I’m literally falling asleep… I don’t know if I can do this anymore. I am genuinely feeling like completely stopping until this new map comes out. I’m not getting anything from that map anymore, the gunplay, the gunfights. It’s all the same to me now.

“I just have no passion, no interest to play a game designed for 11-year-olds,” the two-time continued. “Either 11-year-olds or 85-year-old men. The game has turned into a joke at this point, and I’m just not into it.

“Warzone is just… I really think it’s never been this bad to play. I have no interest left, no enthusiasm. I’ve done it, seen it all, experienced it all in the game.”

Related segment begins at 5:36:04 in the video below.

The one thing Dr Disrespect admits could lure him back to Warzone to grind again would be the release of the new Call of Duty Vanguard map. 

The YouTuber has already dished out high praise for early leaks of the next battle royale battleground, suggesting the upcoming Pacific battleground “feels like a PUBG map.” Doc pointed out similarities with the forerunner title’s Sanhok map, released back in 2018, and admitted he’s eager to give it a go.

“Yes, please, let’s get the hell out of the Verdansk map.”

Doc previously quit Warzone on July 24, claiming he was “bored” of the battle royale and was now “totally uninterested in playing [Warzone] anymore.”