Simple Warzone healing trick is key to dominating Operation Monarch lobbies

Alec Mullins
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Warzone’s Operation Monarch has brought a few changes to the standard battle royale experience, but this simple healing trick might be the mode’s most impactful change overall. 

Operation Monarch is the most chaotic Warzone event since the game launched in March 2020.

Stuffed to the brim with new gameplay experiences, the cinematic crossover brings the fury of King Kong and the power of Godzilla to the land of Caldera, allowing players to get a taste of power they’ve never seen before.

While the two giants are certainly the most powerful things on the map, they also give players a big boost that has flown under the radar so far throughout the event.

Operation Monarch’s regeneration mechanic is a game-changer

an image of king kong in warzone operation monarch
Players can regain health and shields by damaging either King Kong or Godzilla in the new LTM.

All you need to do to regain health in Operation Monarch is to land a few shots on either of the Titans.

Doing so will completely replenish your health and shields, and leaves a ton of room to outplay your opponents, just like in the clip embedded below.

Anytime you’re in a pinch and don’t have time to plate up, just turn to the sky and look for one of the movie monsters.

Fueling up this way makes it much easier to face down full squads and catch them unaware.

Using this technique combined with the new SCREAM Device means that even when you’re on your own, there is still hope in every single engagement on the map.

It’s also worth noting that picking up Monarch Intel off of dead bodies also replenishes you, so stay mobile and let the bodies of your fallen foes keep you safe.

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