Warzone 2 Gas Mask glitch is back again and ruining Ranked matches

Jacob Hale
warzone 2 operator wearing gas mask

The Gas Mask glitch is back once again in Warzone 2, with players earning free wins and SR by simply getting unlimited Gas Mask usage and never dying to the gas.

The Gas Mask glitch is definitely nothing new in Warzone, having happened in the Call of Duty battle royale title dating back to the Verdansk days in 2020.

The glitch is fairly self-explanatory: it allows players to get unlimited use of their Gas Mask, which is meant to crack and break after a certain amount of time in the gas, but instead, it just keeps going on and on.

That allows the player to just wait in the gas for the end of the game, causing their opponents to die in the gas before claiming the win themselves.

Gas Mask glitch returns in Warzone 2

Despite numerous attempts to put an end to the Gas Mask glitch once and for all, the developers have had no luck removing it permanently ever since it first arrived.

It was first discovered to be in Warzone 2 just shortly after its launch in November 2022, with the issue carrying over from one game and map to the next.

While it died down for a while after and a fix was patched into the game, they didn’t manage to make it permanent and the glitch is present once again, with many players losing both public and Ranked matches to opponents abusing it.

This seems to have been happening for a few days at the time of writing, so there’s no doubt the devs will catch on to it soon and try to find another fix.

Ranked players, especially, will be hoping for this to be sorted sooner rather than later, at risk of losing SR and failing to rise up the ranks.

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