Warzone’s most game-breaking glitch yet refuses to load the map at all

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Warzone’s laundry list of problems continues to add up, and now some players have experienced an obscure bug that causes the entire Caldera map to remain invisible. 

Call of Duty players are waiting patiently for the arrival of the next major update to hit Vanguard, as fresh weapon updates will keep the meta interesting. However, perhaps even more important will be the bug fixes and quality of life changes, as glitches continue to hinder the Caldera experience.

Now, one of the strangest glitches yet sees an unlucky lobby spawn into a blank void, where Caldera used to be.

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Warzone still has players returning droves but needs a serious overhaul to retain them beyond 2022.

Warzone’s Caldera spawns player into a blank void

Redditor u/mattarnold1994 suffered a brutal fate within the gulag, as Caldera’s textures were absent from the game. With only the remains of a waterfall and some foliage initially, this player’s attempt to return was almost thwarted by Warzone’s inability to function.

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The gulag match itself seemed to hide walls and any other surroundings, while still retaining collision barriers for the player and firearms. Weirdly, eliminating their enemy rectified the seriously absurd issue.

It’s unclear if enemy players were also experiencing this floating nothingness, or if this solo player was just at a massive disadvantage.

“That is so broken” commented Redditor u/Nintendo_Pro_03. To anyone watching the kill-cam, it may have appeared that this player was using exploits to win their way back into the game.

“Nice wall hax” another player added, joking that this glitch actually has the unintended benefit of seeing players through walls – because there are no walls.

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This particular issue seems to be a rarity for the time being, but it wouldn’t be surprising if it becomes more common.

Outside of Caldera, players can still hop into Rebirth Island, but even that map is still plagued by players with outlandish loadouts dominating the meta. The instability of Warzone is troubling, that even seasoned streamers like TimTheTatman are contemplating quitting the game forever.