Warzone 2 DMZ players slam “baffling” weapon blueprint glitch

DMZ gameplayActivision

Modern Warfare 2 specifically tailored weapon blueprints for DMZ, but Warzone 2 players struggle to equip them in the game because of a glitch.

Warzone 2 Season 2 is in full swing, bringing a fresh batch of DMZ content. Ashika Island turned on the fog machines and opened its doors to DMZ players. The seasonal update also wiped the slate clean, resetting mission and key unlocks.

Infinity Ward heard the criticism regarding AI enemies and adjusted their difficulty, spawn rate, damage, and range, along with adjusting player spawn locations. Players celebrated a significant step forward for the tactical game mode, but a few lingering issues prevent DMZ from being a perfect experience.

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DMZ expert Westie broke down some of the game mode’s most glaring issues and pleaded for the developers to make a change.

Westie exposes troubling DMZ weapon blueprint glitch

Building 21 in DMZActivision
DMZ is growing in popularity, among Warzone 2 players.

Warzone 2 YouTuber Westie ranted about DMZ’s problems but explained why they don’t prevent him from having a good time.

“So despite DMZ season 2 not fixing AI the way it would, and weapon blueprints still not working in the mode, vanishing gas masks still vanishing from your loadout, losing everything when you load into a match or spawning in with fist, there are still some awesome moments you can have.”

The YouTuber’s frustrations poured over to Twitter, as he said, “The fact that most weapon blueprints just straight up don’t work in DMZ still baffles me.”

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In December 2022, a DMZ player shared a clip of the glitch. As you can see, they equipped a weapon blueprint, but it doesn’t work in DMZ.

Community members are fed up with the glitch and demand the developers address the issue.

One player responded, “it is the things like this which annoy me. Yes, they are minor problems, but they should also be really easy fixes that they tend to wait till something major to fix them.”

We will provide an update if the developers address the weapon blueprint problem.