Crazy Modern Warfare ‘jamming’ glitch stops players from firing weapon

Andy Williams
Infinity Ward

Modern Warfare players have discovered a game-breaking ‘jamming’ glitch which prevents them from shooting their weapon when in-game.

Infinity Ward’s reboot of their trademark series was welcomed with open arms. Met with praise for their detailed campaign and overhauled multiplayer, Modern Warfare has become the most played Call of Duty game of all time

Yet, it appears that the latest iteration of the first-person shooter is still struggling with bugs and glitches, some overshadowing the player experience. 

The host of bugs and glitches are ruining what is otherwise a mechanically sound game.

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From minor snags (such as death by office chair on St. Petrograd) to game-breaking issues (such as being able to escape Piccadilly’s combat area and almost single-handedly win a game), Modern Warfare has handled its fair share of setbacks.

Two Reddit users have spotted a glitch which stops players from using their weapons during multiplayer action — a concept which a first-person shooter kind of relies on. 

First demonstrated by Diazepam, the player gets behind enemy lines during a Cyber Attack match on Piccadilly. After attempting to shoot their foe, their weapon ‘jams’ and is caught in the middle of the holstering animation. 

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While the player managed to take down one enemy via melee, they were eventually eliminated by another opponent who spotted their antics. 

Similarly, Drummer829 experienced the same problem, but this time while playing Hardpoint on Grazna Raid. After making a clever run from their spawn, the player has an enemy in their line of sight, only to find that they’re metaphorically ‘stuck in the mud.’

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Since the glitch left them helpless, the player had no option but to fall to their foe (despite their best efforts to jump and evade enemy fire). The player went on to describe the glitch at-hand.

The bug is where after running, your gun ‘jams’ and you can’t aim down or shoot,” Drummer opened. “Your guy is stuck like that but you can still melee, switch guns and throw grenades. You can do everything but shoot your gun.”

While the bug is only appearing to surface now, another user claimed that the ‘jamming’ animation glitch has been in the game since launch. 

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Various other players chimed in to explain that they too had experienced the glitch, with no recurring theme emerging. Others attempting to laugh it off by jesting: “Maybe it’s another ‘realism’ addition to the game like player collision. Who knows?”

One thing is for sure, Infinity Ward will want to get this bug boxed off before the inaugural Call of Duty League kicks off on January 24.