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Game-breaking Modern Warfare glitch lets players escape Piccadilly map

Published: 31/Dec/2019 13:46

by Andy Williams


A game-breaking Modern Warfare bug is giving players Juggernaut-esque abilities while allowing them to stay outside Piccadilly’s combat area without taking damage. 

Modern Warfare has received mixed reviews since its launch two months ago. Despite restructuring the multiplayer’s progression system in favor of a season-based system, countless issues have shadowed Infinity Ward’s efforts. 

From latency issues to controversy surrounding skill-based matchmaking, Modern Warfare has received its fair share of criticism. While in-game bugs can often be taken with a pinch of salt, this one might just take the biscuit.

ActivisionA terrible glitch has been discovered in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s Piccadilly map.

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While playing Infected on Piccadilly, a team full of the deadly sickness found themselves with a particularly difficult opponent to kill. 


Posting their discovery to the Modern Warfare subreddit, the players flocked outside of the map in a bid to take down a seemingly invincible enemy. Why were they invincible you might ask? Well, this foe managed to escape the constraints of Piccadilly’s combat area and seek refuge behind a one-way wall.

Despite the team’s best efforts, they struggled to get past their opponent’s deadly R9-0 shotgun. Setting up Tactical Insertion on the map’s borders and rushing the enemy proved ineffective, since the Infected are equipped with nothing but a knife.

Piccadilly: GLITCH NEEDS FIXED ASAP from modernwarfare

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Nonetheless, the Reddit user explained that they “managed to kill him before his Nuke went off, so we won, but this was a tad ridiculous and shouldn’t have even happened in the first place.”


The fact that the opponent managed to evade the oncoming threat of the Infected for so long, exploiting a glitch which allowed them survive outside of the map, underscores the need for this bug to be fixed.

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This isn’t the first Infected bug to crop up in recent times, since St. Petrograd now plays host to an unexpected enemy — chairs.  Both of these glitches will likely make it to the top of Infinity Ward’s snag list, given that Infected has proved itself as one of the most popular ‘lighthearted’ modes that the game has to offer.


Infinity Ward certainly have their work cut out, as we look forward to the start of Activision’s inaugural Call of Duty League season in 2020.