Modern Warfare’s Shipment is breaking the game for console players

Infinity Ward - Modern Warfare

Shipment has been an iconic map in the Call of Duty franchise since its first rendition in 2007, however the latest version of the close-quarters battlefield is leaving console players in a state of confusion.

Having gone down as one of the most popular maps in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare thanks to its tight-knit design, Shipment was recently revitalized as part of the Season One content release in 2019’s Modern Warfare.

Authentically recreated to pull on the heartstrings of veteran players, the tight-knit map has led to a great deal of frustration due to some sketchy spawns and exploits. Now, it seems like console players are baring the brunt of the bugs, with the map rendered mostly unplayable in a new glitch.

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Infinity Ward - Call of Duty 4: Modern WarfareShipment originally grew in popularity as a smaller map to settle 1v1s in private lobbies.

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Added into various competitive playlists on December 19, Shipment appears to have been functioning just fine for players on PC. Regardless of the many bugs and spawning issues that players may have encountered throughout their time on the map, the game was still functioning nonetheless.

Console players have been subject to the opposite however. Loading into a match on January 2, Reddit user ‘donkeydudeguy’ showcased an extraordinary visual glitch that left the game all but unplayable at the start of the round.

Occurring while attempting to play in split-screen with two players on the one system, the map loads on a slight delay for one half of the squad. Eventually getting into the countdown to kick off the action, textures appear skittish, popping in and out of view and obscuring vision more often than not.

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Indicating that the bug wasn’t a one-time occurrence at the start of a particular match, the player outlined how the game would frequently glitch and cause the top half of the screen to be completely unusable.

A number of fellow console players also chimed in and underscored how the issue had been impacting their split-screen matches as well. 

“Same issue on PS4. It seemed to get worse when standing near a teammate,” Reddit user ‘fightin_codfish’ explained.

Thus far Shipment appears to be the only map that seems to incur such a game-breaking bug for split-screen players on console. Infinity Ward has yet to address the issue so players should aim to avoid playing in split-screen whenever Shipment appears in rotation until a fix is implemented.

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This isn’t the only visual inconsistency to have popped up recently in Modern Warfare, with another map introduced in Season One forcing players to endure similar egregious bugs.

Intended to promote frantic action, Shoot House has instead led to bizarre visual glitches that allowed players to see through every texture on the map.