CoD Vanguard players demand return of beloved WW2 game mode

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CoD Vanguard Players Want CoD WW2 Game Mode War Mode To Return Reddit With Game Logo

CoD Vanguard might not be a direct continuation of Sledgehammer’s last title, Call of Duty: WW2, but that isn’t stopping fans from calling on the studio to bring back one of that title’s hallmark game modes.

Call of Duty’s latest installment, Vanguard, sent fans back in time to a World War 2 setting once again. Despite the jump back on the timeline, however, Sledgehammer Games’ new entry added plenty of brand-new features to the franchise.

With a new game mode in Patrol, a post-match MVP voting system, and deeper Gunsmith customization than ever before, Vanguard has added plenty of fresh concepts to the CoD formula.

Despite the innovation, Vanguard’s community is missing one iconic game mode from Sledgehammer’s previous title, and are now begging for the resurrection of WW2’s back-and-forth War Mode.

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Players want to see War Mode make a comeback in Vanguard.

CoD Vanguard fans demand War Mode return

Players voiced their desperation for WW2’s iconic War Mode to make a return on the Vanguard subreddit. The objective-based game mode, which featured heavy attack-and-defend mechanics, was first added to Call of Duty in WW2 but has been absent from the franchise since.

War [Mode] needs to be brought back,” one player said, looking back on the game mode with fondness. “The addition of War [in WW2] was fantastic. I played it to death and am desperate for it to return.”

“What do we think [are] the chances of it coming back?” they wondered.

“War was amazing,” a second fan agreed. “I really loved this mode,” another replied, before specifying “Not only for how fun it was to drop in for a few matches where objective play is prioritized, but because it highlighted actual turning points in WW2 and felt nostalgic.”

Despite plenty of support for the idea, other fans were doubtful that War Mode would ever make its way into CoD Vanguard. “Considering how much work that mode was, according to SHG, I’d say [there’s] zero [chance it returns].”

“A shame too, as it was the best mode ever, in my opinion,” they remarked.

While a good chunk of the player base wants to see War Mode make a comeback in Vanguard, it remains to be seen if, or when, it actually will — but with plenty of updates in store over the next year, the mode could make its highly requested return at some point in the future.

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