CoD Vanguard players worried after finding invisible “rat” hiding spot exploits

Theo Salaun

Call of Duty: Vanguard’s growing pains continue, as people discovered some game-breaking exploits that allow players to hide, completely invisible in “rat” spots. 

In a first-person shooter with good guys and bad guys, it’s important to be able to see the enemies you’re playing against. Logically, if said enemies are able to sneak into places where they’re practically invisible, seeing them becomes difficult.

If you can’t see the bad guys, you can’t shoot the bad guys. And Call of Duty: Vanguard’s players have already found spots where they can fully disappear.

With major implications for Search and Destroy in particular, the new exploits are causing concern in the community. They’ve been banned in tournaments, but everyone is hoping that they get patched out before Challengers and the Call of Duty League start up.

CoD Vanguard players find invisible “rat” hiding spots

As you can see in the clip, there are two clear spots found so far. One is on Demyansk, where a player can go prone into the snowbank until they’re impossible to see. The second is on Tuscan, where someone can crawl under a box until they’re fully invisible.

The latter case is most concerning, as Tuscan will be a CDL 2022 S&D map and the box is right next to a bomb site. Theoretically, someone could abuse this and get a free ambush, waiting to hear an enemy plant the bomb.

CoD Vanguard Tuscan map gameplay
Tuscan is already one of the CDL’s 2022 S&D maps.

In the replies to our tweet, people made their feelings very obvious. We asked about the type of people who find these spots and one user responded “little rat f**ks.”

Generally, people are just hoping that these spots get patched as soon as possible. Many have tagged Sledgehammer Games in tweets, but the developers’ Trello board doesn’t include the issues yet.

For now, players and tournament organizers are simply agreeing to ban the spots in matches.

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