CoD Vanguard fans demand serious weapon buffs to counter Riot Shields

Shay Robson

Call of Duty: Vanguard players are growingly increasingly furious about players using Riot Shields and are demanding the devs add more counters to them.

For years, the Riot Shield has been one of the most annoying things to encounter in Call of Duty. When equipping the Riot Shield, players can use it to avoid being shot in the back – as it deflects bullets – or use it to charge at you headfirst.

In many situations, you’re not left with a lot of options to counter a Riot Shield, especially if the enemy is running a class that nullifies grenade damage.

The shields have, again, been a source of anger in CoD Vanguard, with many people deeming them to be a little too strong. So, they want the devs to start tweaking a few things.

Call of Duty Vanguard riot shield glitch is actually perfect counter to shotgun abusers
The Riot Shields are a suitable counter to some enemies, but they can be overly annoying too.

On November 26, Vanguard player and Reddit user youbuildbob started a thread on Vanguard’s subreddit. The player asked that the devs make improvements to FMJ that would counter Riot Shields.

“Every game there are turtles running around the map with the shield on their back,” said the frustrated player. “If there’s no movement penalty to have the shield on their back, FMJ should at least shoot through it and give some damage.”

While other players acknowledged that more counters to Riot Shields are needed, some think a buff for Armor Piercing would be more beneficial than an FJM buff. “I’d rather they put this buff on Armor Piercing,” said Mii_On_My_Wii. “It’s a far more niche ammo type than FMJ and would give it more of a purpose.”

However, while some were with the idea of more ways around Riot Shields, one player thinks there are already enough counters. “If you can’t counter people primarying it [Riot Shields] I’m sorry but you should probably just get good,” they added.

Since Call of Duty: Vanguard’s launch on November 5, players have demanded quite a lot of buffs and nerfs to various weapons, as well as other changes. So, we’ll just have to wait and see if Sledgehammer Games takes the calls on board.

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