CoD Vanguard players slam “worthless” MVP voting and Play of the Game systems

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CoD Vanguard features the franchise’s signature Play of the Game and Final Killcam highlights, along with a brand-new MVP voting system, but both features are being blasted by the Call of Duty community as “worthless.”

Excluding some rare exceptions, almost every Call of Duty game ever made has featured a Play of the Game or Final Killcam post-game highlight — or in some cases, even both.

This is also the case with CoD Vanguard, which brought back a mix of PotG and Final Killcams, along with introducing a totally new feature in the form of MVP voting.

Despite the innovation, players have already taken issue with both systems less than a month after CoD Vanguard’s launch, and are calling on developer Sledgehammer Games to tweak the features, which many players feel are in a “worthless” state.

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Players are already fed up with Vanguard’s post-match highlights and animations.

The discussion around Vanguard’s post-match features was ignited once again after fans on Reddit shared their gripes with the systems, and their hopes that Sledgehammer might tweak them moving forward.

“[The] end-of-game play doesn’t work as intended most of the time,” one player complained, before wondering “Why not just show it if something [exciting] happened?”

They continued: “For the MVP vote, while I like the idea, the system is worthless. Just auto-select the top-three players for their contribution to the objective, score, and E.D. Ratio [then] let us chose between those.”

Finally, the player offered up a suggestion to cut down on the interruptions: “Both events take way too long, and kill the pacing between matches. Vote time should be reduced a bit [at least].”

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Other CoD Vanguard fans chimed in with their own criticisms. “This is the one thing I think we can all unanimously agree on disliking,” one comment read.

“MVP also punishes objective [players],” another pointed out. “I [can] have the most captures in Domination by far, but ‘f**k you’ if you don’t get multi-kills.”

“I’d be fine if we could edit loadouts during this time,” a third player replied, voicing a common complaint in that the voting system locks you into the animations instead of allowing you to access menus after you’ve voted.

It remains to be seen whether or not Play of the Game, Final Killcam, or MVP voting are tweaked at all in a future update, but this isn’t the first time CoD Vanguard’s community has shared their frustration with the features, and it doesn’t seem likely to be the last, either.

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