CoD Vanguard adds new Patrol game mode: How Hardpoint-inspired playlist works

. 10 months ago
Vanguard Patrol game mode

Patrol is a brand new game mode in Call of Duty Vanguard, one that takes inspiration from Hardpoint but throws an interesting twist on the formula. Here’s how the unique playlist works.

With every new CoD release comes new game modes and Vanguard isn’t ready to buck that trend just yet. While we already knew about Champions Hill, we now have another fresh playlist to dive into.

Patrol is the latest multiplayer mode in CoD and players can get their first hands-on time during the upcoming Beta. The objective-based game type takes inspiration from Hardpoint but spins it in a new direction.

Here’s a complete guide on how Patrol works in CoD Vanguard.

How Patrol works in CoD Vanguard

Vanguard gameplay
Patrol appears to be an evolution on CoD’s fan-favorite Hardpoint game mode.

While Hardpoint features a set rotation of ‘hills’ that cycle throughout a match, Patrol boasts just a single “scoring zone” instead, Sledgehammer Games revealed.

Rather than having to push ahead for the next objective, Patrol has just one capture point that’s constantly on the move. It appears to start at one point on the map and floats on a predetermined course throughout the entire battleground.

As with most other objective-based modes, stepping inside the zone accumulates points for your team. The longer you’re able to maintain control of this scoring zone, the quicker you’ll win any given match.

As you gain experience with the new mode and learn its pathing through each map, you’ll more than likely know to predict certain spawns and play accordingly. Think of it as one continuous game of Hardpoint, with teams fighting for control over a single objective for the entire game.

CoD Vanguard maps
You’ll always need to be on your toes in Vanguard’s new Patrol mode.

Patrol joins the likes of Team Deathmatch, Kill Confirmed, Domination, Search & Destroy, and Champions Hill. These are all the modes we know for certain in Vanguard at this point in time.

There’s currently no telling if Patrol will outright replace Hardpoint altogether.

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