Chairs and doors are killing players in CoD Vanguard


In one of the more bizarre scenarios you’ll see in Call of Duty Vanguard, doors and chairs are literally killing players, and nobody can work out why.

The latest Call of Duty title launched on November 5 and players the world over are already rabidly sinking their teeth into it, finding their favorite weapons and exploring every nook and cranny of each map.

That said, as with every major game launch, the game hasn’t arrived without its share of bugs and small issues.

We’ve seen bugs starting players in the enemy spawn and a particularly frustrating Search and Destroy bomb glitch, but this one is just about as weird as it gets.

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CoD Vanguard firefightActivision
Vanguard is offering up all the goods.

Vanguard players are quickly realizing that death can come from anywhere — including from seemingly innocent furniture.

As seen in the clip below, Benguinn is running through Hotel Royal when, shortly after a teammate blasts through a door, he tries to run through it — but is literally stopped dead in his tracks.

This isn’t a completely isolated incident of furniture-related fatalities in Vanguard, though. In the days following the game’s launch, one player found themselves dying to a falling chair while trying to plant the bomb in Search and Destroy.

Fortunately, their team still won the round, despite not being able to get the bomb down, but we can only imagine how frustrating it would be to have lost the match due to this truly bizarre occurrence.

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This isn’t a completely new phenomenon for Call of Duty, either. This was also happening back in Modern Warfare 2019, meaning it could be down to the engine, which these two games share.

Needless to say, this is something the devs will want to take a look at, and players need to be extra careful of their surroundings when traversing across Vanguard’s multiplayer maps.