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MuTeX shows off “heartbreaking” Vanguard Search and Destroy bomb glitch

Published: 6/Nov/2021 19:21 Updated: 6/Nov/2021 19:47

by Alec Mullins


Warzone pro MuTex highlighted a post-plant bug that players are abusing in Vanguard’s first Search and Destroy tournaments of the year.

The competitive Call of Duty community is reeling after the discovery of a “game-breaking” S&D feature that is affecting the mode’s competitive integrity and offering easy wins to players who catch onto it.

Any bug that makes a round easier to win is definitely a problem, but one of this caliber could complicate things significantly until it gets patched.

Charles ‘MuTeX’ Saouma broke down exactly what the problem is and how it’s ruining the tournament experience when it shows up.


Call of Duty Vanguard’s Search and Destroy bug

Hotel Royal map in Call of Duty Vanguard
Search and Destroy is one of Call of Duty’s most beloved modes, but this post-plant glitch is making the game hard to love for some players.

The glitch allows players to know when the bomb is being defused simply by looking at the text above the plant site’s indicator.

The text will usually say “Defend” but once a defuse has been started it switches to “Defusing target”

This glitch isn’t subject to a distance limit either. Players can be on the other side of the map from the bomb site and still know exactly when an enemy is attempting to disarm the explosive.

In a mode that heavily relies on map awareness and knowing how to read an enemy’s tendencies, this kind of advantage is nearly as good as outright cheating, and players are desperate for a fix.


MuTex summed the situation up perfectly, saying: “This is just heartbreaking, man. I hope they fix it right away.”

While there’s been no word on this from the devs yet, Sledgehammer has already made some popular changes to the game from the beta, and it seems likely that they’ll take care of this problem as well.