Call of Duty players urge Warzone 2 devs to make major weapon change

Joe Craven
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Call of Duty players are calling on the Warzone 2 developers to make a major weapon adjustment for the battle royale sequel, claiming that the current title has got weapon leveling speeds all wrong. 

The news that Warzone 2 is on the way has been universally welcomed by the player base. With Warzone Pacific doing little to placate an increasing number of bugs and glitches, as well as cheating remaining annoyingly persistent in spite of RICOCHET, fans have been hoping for a clean slate battle royale. 

That has now been confirmed by Activision, with Warzone 2 believed to be launching sometime in late 2022 and developed by Infinity Ward. It will allegedly be set in Medellin, Colombia, taking inspiration from the setting of the 2022 CoD installment, Modern Warfare II. 

As a result, players are casting their minds forward to changes they want to see in Warzone 2, including an overhaul to leveling up weapons.

Medellin image with Warzone 2 logo
Warzone 2 will allegedly be set in Medellin.

While leveling up weapons is a staple of the CoD series and likely won’t be changing anytime soon, plenty of Warzone players believe it currently happens far too slowly. 

A post from player ‘UnluckyChemist2162’ epitomized players’ issues with the current system, arguing it should be faster for players to level up weapons and unlock the best attachments. 

“They need to make weapons easier to level in Warzone 2,” they said. “It’s way too hard… Like if guns are not supposed to be that important or crazy why make them so difficult to level up? It really makes things very boring and makes you not want to play the game at all. I mean just look at Apex and Fortnite. No gun leveling required whatsoever. It’s terrific.” 

The player also commented that they invest hours per week into Warzone but that progress is incredibly slow, especially with Vanguard weapons. 

Others echoed the comments, suggesting all weapon leveling should be brought into line with Modern Warfare weapons, which rank up considerably faster. Because Infinity Ward are developing Warzone’s sequel, there were hopes that this would indeed be the case. 

One player said: “The Modern Warfare guns are perfect when it comes to leveling. Infinity Ward should make the Modern Warfare 2 guns’ XP like those guns.” 

As of the time of writing, details about Warzone 2 are not clear but, with players making their desired changes clearer, we’ll just have to hope Infinity Ward are open to some preemptive feedback. 

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