Warzone devs admit game is so “bloated” they don’t know what’s causing bugs

warzone 4 man lobby with warzone logo at bottomActivision

Warzone developers Raven Software have admitted that the game is so “bloated” with the Cold War and Vanguard integrations that they sometimes don’t even know what’s causing bugs in the game.

Warzone launched in March 2020 as the battle royale brother of Modern Warfare, but since then has been expanded into the worlds of Black Ops Cold War and Vanguard.

Throughout all the updates and changes the game has gone through, a number of bugs and glitches have cropped up, causing mayhem on the map. The demon gun glitch, out-of-bounds exploits, and invisible skins have all run rampant.

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With the announcement of Warzone 2 now made official, though, the devs have admitted that there is too much going on in the game and it’s causing them troubles.

Demon gun glitch in Warzone.Activision
The demon gun glitch has been an issue since August, 2021.

During the media briefing in which Warzone 2 was revealed, the devs admitted that the game is in a poor state, saying that “we f**ked stuff up,” but gave their explanation.

Per a CharlieINTEL tweet, they said that “Warzone was just meant to be an extension of Modern Warfare” and then “we integrated Black Ops and then Vanguard” and now the “game is bloated.”

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They then admitted that because there’s so much going into the game, they have problems finding what’s even causing bugs.

While details on Warzone 2 are still scarce, it definitely seems as though this is a problem they want to avoid going forward.

With the new game being built alongside what will reportedly be Modern Warfare 2, they may aim to keep it purely as a Modern Warfare 2 battle royale, without any more integrations.

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