Warzone pro accused of hacking after turning into a “bot” with anti-cheat enabled

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Call of Duty: Warzone pro Shifty is being accused of hacking, once again. After getting the streamer to use a new anti-cheat, the community is convinced that his recent performance is evidence of previous cheating.

Up-and-coming Warzone pro Shifty has been accused of hacking multiple times, most recently during a $100,000 tournament in early-March. While the community was divided then, the allegations have now resurfaced and hit a boiling point.

After someone posted a new series of VOD reviews examining Shifty’s gameplay, he was asked to download FACEIT anti-cheat and play games to prove his innocence. With no faith in CoD’s RICOCHET system, this new anti-cheat was expected to be a better test of legitimacy.

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Once installed, Shifty’s play struggled to match his earlier run of form. His K/D dropped significantly, as did the frequency of highlight plays. That convinced the community that he was cheating in the earlier clips posted by CoD editor ‘Jutedd.’

Warzone pro Shifty accused of hacking with series of suspicious clips

Originally, Shifty’s accusations were brought back to light by Jutedd – who shared a series of three videos, totaling over five minutes of sketchy gameplay.

In order to defend himself, the streamer agreed to play matches while having FACEIT’s anti-cheat installed (which is considered the premier system by Counter-Strike players).

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Once he started playing with FACEIT, his level of play dramatically decreased. Former CDL pro Rasim ‘Blazt’ Ogresevic noted that Shifty’s K/D dropped from world-leading to a 1.59, while ScummN proceeded to post a video clowning the change in gameplay.

Warzone pro clowned for “bot” gameplay with anti-cheat downloaded

ScummN’s video shared a number of clips showing Shifty struggling in situations he would have usually dominated. This also included confusion, as the streamer was temporarily convinced that FACEIT had disabled his aim assist.

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However, the change in gameplay was enough for a number of players to be convinced that Shifty was cheating earlier. Former defenders like fellow streamer ‘Wagnificent’ reacted by noting that “after watching this wager vs scum with the anti cheat on his pc, it’s obvious he isn’t the same player.”

Others have roasted the change in form, calling him a “bot” after previously looking like the “best player in the world.”

In response to these new, heightened accusations, Shifty has blamed the “pressure” for his change in performance. He is also promising to play with FACEIT enabled every day and for an opportunity to play at a neutral, LAN environment to prove his legitimacy.

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