MW3 players furious as they’re forced to use “abysmal” MW2 weapons

Connor Bennett
Modern Warfare 2 character running with Chimera

Modern Warfare 3 players have hit out at the devs for recommending they use “ridiculously bad” weapons from MW2 that “can’t compete” with their MW3 counterparts. 

When Modern Warfare 3 launched back in November, it was confirmed that the newest CoD title would include carry-forward elements from Modern Warfare 2. This pleased plenty of CoD fans as they’d still be able to use skins they’d purchased in MW2, and they wouldn’t be lost to the ether. 

It also created a few headaches with regard to weapons, especially as there have been changes to player health and TTK. 

Initially, players complained that a number of fan-favorite weapons from MW2 had become “unusable” in MW3 because of the changes. Since then, a few other weapons have cracked the meta in multiplayer, but there are still some complaints. 

MW3 players annoyed by MW3 recommending “worst” MW2 weapons

The majority of these complaints stem from the camo grind in multiplayer, given you have to max level every gun to unlock the rarest weapon wraps. 

“I’m now grinding MWII weapons for orion camos and holy moly does the MWII Battle Rifles sucks! The TTK is abysmal compared to every other weapons, especially MWIII’s,” Redditor ElectronicCow3 vented. “I know they want people to use the so-called recommended meta weapons but they need to do something ffs!!!” 

Other players quickly agreed as well. “They ask for us to use recommended battle rifles but then recommend the worst one,” one annoyed player said. “I’ve been finishing up my platinum grind and I feel that. The Cronen Squall was meta in MWII, now I want to tear my hair out playing with it,” another said. 

“MW II Battle Rifles are bad in MW III BUT if you use them where they were intended they are just fine. This whole carry-forward weapons was a crazy idea. Attempting to balance every MW II weapon to fit MW III is a far-reaching task!” another argued. 

While players were skeptical at first, the devs have been balancing the MW2 weapons in updates. The majority of these changes have, so far, been for Warzone, but they have been some within the scope of multiplayer. 

It remains to be seen if further changes will be made, but players are clearly after them.