Call of Duty 2020 details leaked: maps, Warzone, modes, features, more

A massive leak has surfaced about the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops 2020 title, revealing new details about the game’s features, modes, maps, and how it will work with Warzone.

The Call of Duty community is still awaiting an official reveal for the 2020 game, which is currently being developed by Treyarch and is expected to be called “Black Ops,” according to heavy speculation and leaks.

On June 26, prominent YouTuber TheXclusiveAce posted a video (which has since been set to private) discussing many never-before-revealed details about the game, which he obtained from an “unnamed source” who has direct knowledge and even showed him gameplay footage and map overviews.

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According to the leak, the upcoming CoD will feature a single-player campaign, multiplayer, zombies, and will exist alongside Warzone, which confirms that the battle royale will continue to exist beyond Modern Warfare.

TreyarchTreyarch took over the CoD 2020 development duties from Sledgehammer Games in early 2019.


Maps & modes

Apparently there are 10 multiplayer maps developed so far, with them all nearing completion. They are “Treyarch-style,” which means that CoD will likely be going back to its traditional three-lane design.

One of them is “very small,” set on a boat that’s located on the Black Sea, and another called Tank, which was shown in the gameplay leak that surfaced earlier in June. Of course, this follows a previous leak claiming that several old-school maps from the Black Ops series will be remastered for this title as well.

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As far as modes go, the standard playlists will be 6v6 and Gunfight won’t be returning, which means there likely won’t be that many options with lower player-counts. However, there will supposedly be a new mode that will take place on various sections of the Warzone map.


Here are a list of features that TheXclusiveAce’s source claims will be added and/or brought back for the upcoming CoD game.

  • Swimming mechanic
  • Standard mini-map (red dots show when enemy team is shooting)
  • Compass remains on HUD (introduced in Modern Warfare)
  • Unlimited sprint
  • No interactive doors
  • No Specialists, but a Field Upgrade feature will return
  • Players will get one piece from equipment to choose from
  • Scorestreaks will be back
  • There is NO Dead Silence at this time
  • 150 health (similar to Black Ops 4) but has auto-heal.
  • Create-A-Class is “unique” – a hybrid between pick-10 and classic, but with no Gunsmith.


The YouTuber’s video reaffirms that Warzone will be the main battle royal during the life-span of CoD 2020, backing up all the speculation and comments from Activision that they’ll continue to support to the BR after Modern Warfare.

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According to the leak, there will be a new map based in Russia released at the game’s launch, and TheXclusiveAce claims to have seen an overview of it. There will be water on it that players can go into and swim, as the same mechanic from multiplayer will also be in the BR.

Infinity WardWarzone will continue to be the main battle royale following the release of Call of Duty 2020.

Of course, all of this information is based on a leak and should be treated as such, as nothing is official until Activision formally announce the game. Speaking of which, there’s still no timetable as for when CoD 2020 will be revealed; they’ve traditionally been unveiled no later than the end of May, but circumstances are obviously different this year.

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In fact, they’ve not even officially named Treyarch as the main developer, despite the fact that it’s common knowledge at this point the company took over Sledgehammer Games’ duties in early 2019.

We will continue to bring you the latest info and leaks about the upcoming Call of Duty title, so make sure to follow us on Twitter @DexertoINTEL for regular updates.