CoD players claim Modern Warfare’s lobby is causing PS4s to overheat

Modern warfare lobby and ps4Infinity Ward / Unsplash

A bizarre issue with Modern Warfare and Warzone’s lobby screen in-game is seemingly causing Playstation 4’s to overheat following claims from multiple Call of Duty personalities such as Jkap and Attach.

The release of Modern Warfare and its free battle royale mode, Warzone, has been quite successful in recent months, attracting tens of millions of players to the franchise.

However, unfortunately, some PS4 owners have noticed a major issue with the FPS title, following reports that their consoles were overheating when left on certain screens in-game.

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modern warfare's lobby screenInfinity Ward
Modern Warfare’s multiplayer and Warzone lobby screens are seemingly causing some major PS4 issues.

The issue was recently brought up after Call of Duty pro Dillon ‘Attach’ Price shared a clip of the noise his PS4 was making, even comparing it to the sound of a “jet engine,” while playing the game on June 25.

The NY Subliners star asked for any advice on how to fix it and fellow CoD pro Jordan ‘Jkap’ Kaplan responded to the post, claiming that he had also experienced the same issue, highlighting that it was most noticeable in Modern Warfare’s lobby screen, before queueing for a match.

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“Mine has been the same way lately, sounds like a plane about to take off every time I’m sitting in a lobby” the two-time world champion explained.

Their discussion resulted in a lot of feedback from other Modern Warfare and Warzone players who had dealt with the issue, with one fan even demonstrating their Ps4 turning itself off after overheating in the lobby.

After Jkap reached out to Infinity Ward to address the issue, Call of Duty YouTuber XclusiveAce also chimed in, seemingly confirming that the problem was stemming from the lobby screen.

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“I always back out to the title screen when I want to keep the game on standby without the PS4 preparing for take off while I’m working,” he revealed.

Many have speculated that the issue might be caused by the walking character models in the background, following claims that the lobby screen seemingly has an uncapped frame rate.

As of now, Infinity Ward has not responded to the issue and it is unclear if there is any way to fix it besides, as some have previously mentioned, switching to different screens such as the loadout customization to lessen the problem.

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