Black Ops Cold War maps allegedly leaked for Call of Duty 2020


Although the 2020 Call of Duty title hasn’t been revealed yet, leakers have presented information about some of the multiplayer maps that the game will feature upon release.

With Activision and Treyarch continuing to remain mum on CoD 2020, fans have had to rely on rumors, leaks and speculation to get information about the upcoming game, even if most of it will likely end up being false.

The latest leak to surface covered some of the multiplayer maps, as prominent leaker ‘TheGamingRevolution’ published a video on May 28 claiming that four old-school Black Ops settings will be brought back.

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Those are Nuketown, Jungle, Summit and Firing Range, all of which are iconic maps from the earlier Black Ops games that almost every CoD fan will recognize, even if they’ve never played them.

This was apparently first reported by Twitter user @LongSensationYT, whose account was recently suspended, forcing them to tweet it out from an alternate page.

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If this info turns out to be correct, it wouldn’t really come as a major shock to anyone, considering that all four maps are staples of the Black Ops series and have featured in multiple games in the past.

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Nuketown, which debuted back in BO1, has been included in all four multiplayers of the franchise and was always going to be the most likely to be brought back in 2020.

The same goes for Jungle, Summit and Firing Range, which were also first released in BO1 and then remastered for both BO3 and BO4.

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The question now is how these maps will be portrayed in Black Ops: Cold War. For example, Nuketown has been released with three different thematic designs – it’s original form in Black Ops 1 and 2, then a futuristic one in BO3, and finally a Cold War theme in BO4, which is obviously a candidate to be used again in 2020.

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As for the other three maps, their remastered versions were identical to the originals, but that doesn’t rule out Treyarch tweaking them for their next game.

We’re also still unclear as to their availability; in BO3, they were released as part of a special ‘Back in Black’ pre-order pack but were then made fully available in BO4 for free.

TreyarchThe ‘Back in Black’ pack gave players who preordered Black Ops 4 the chance to play four classic maps in Black Ops 3.

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Of course, all of this information is definitely not official and shouldn’t be considered as such until it’s formally announced by Activision and Treyarch. We don’t even know whether or not the 2020 game will be a soft reboot of the Black Ops as claimed by leakers, so verifying everything will come down to a waiting game.

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That said, both TheGamingRevolution and LongSensationYT have been correct in numerous Call of Duty-related leaks in the past, including pre-launch details about Modern Warfare and Warzone – so there could be something in this new set of info.

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