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Black Ops Cold War maps allegedly leaked for Call of Duty 2020

Published: 29/May/2020 0:47

by Albert Petrosyan


Although the 2020 Call of Duty title hasn’t been revealed yet, leakers have presented information about some of the multiplayer maps that the game will feature upon release.

With Activision and Treyarch continuing to remain mum on CoD 2020, fans have had to rely on rumors, leaks and speculation to get information about the upcoming game, even if most of it will likely end up being false.

The latest leak to surface covered some of the multiplayer maps, as prominent leaker ‘TheGamingRevolution’ published a video on May 28 claiming that four old-school Black Ops settings will be brought back.

Those are Nuketown, Jungle, Summit and Firing Range, all of which are iconic maps from the earlier Black Ops games that almost every CoD fan will recognize, even if they’ve never played them.

This was apparently first reported by Twitter user @LongSensationYT, whose account was recently suspended, forcing them to tweet it out from an alternate page.

If this info turns out to be correct, it wouldn’t really come as a major shock to anyone, considering that all four maps are staples of the Black Ops series and have featured in multiple games in the past.

Nuketown, which debuted back in BO1, has been included in all four multiplayers of the franchise and was always going to be the most likely to be brought back in 2020.

The same goes for Jungle, Summit and Firing Range, which were also first released in BO1 and then remastered for both BO3 and BO4.

The question now is how these maps will be portrayed in Black Ops: Cold War. For example, Nuketown has been released with three different thematic designs – it’s original form in Black Ops 1 and 2, then a futuristic one in BO3, and finally a Cold War theme in BO4, which is obviously a candidate to be used again in 2020.

As for the other three maps, their remastered versions were identical to the originals, but that doesn’t rule out Treyarch tweaking them for their next game.

We’re also still unclear as to their availability; in BO3, they were released as part of a special ‘Back in Black’ pre-order pack but were then made fully available in BO4 for free.

TreyarchThe ‘Back in Black’ pack gave players who preordered Black Ops 4 the chance to play four classic maps in Black Ops 3.

Of course, all of this information is definitely not official and shouldn’t be considered as such until it’s formally announced by Activision and Treyarch. We don’t even know whether or not the 2020 game will be a soft reboot of the Black Ops as claimed by leakers, so verifying everything will come down to a waiting game.

That said, both TheGamingRevolution and LongSensationYT have been correct in numerous Call of Duty-related leaks in the past, including pre-launch details about Modern Warfare and Warzone – so there could be something in this new set of info.

Call of Duty

Ranking all of Black Ops Cold War’s multiplayer maps

Published: 29/Nov/2020 17:44

by Joe Craven


Maps in Call of Duty are as important as ever – a sure fire way to ensure the game’s multiplayer remains fresh and enjoyable. Much has been said about the Black Ops Cold War maps in the weeks since launch so, ahead of Season One on December 1o, we’re ranking them all based on flow, design, and replay-ability. 

Looking back at the best Call of Duty titles – Modern Warfare (2007), Modern Warfare 2, Black Ops II – the common thread amongst all of them is some stellar multiplayer maps. From Shipment to Highrise to Raid, the best Call of Duty games feature some truly memorable maps.

General opinion suggests BOCW’s maps are solid if unspectacular; an improvement on last year’s Modern Warfare but not necessarily matching the high standards we know Treyarch can reach. Maps like Fringe, Raid, and Firing Range are the pinnacle of CoD maps, and we can hope to see some of them later in the year.

We’ve not stuck the large-team maps in our list, focusing instead on the nine in standard 6v6 multiplayer. That means all eight base maps and Nuketown ’84, which was added on November 24. The maps will be ranked down from nine to one and we’ll update this list in the future as more maps are added.

Finally, this list is of course subjective. Different players will enjoy different maps, but we’ve tried to gauge opinion and collaborated our views to produce this overall list.

9. Miami

Miami from CoD: Black Ops Cold War
Miami is bottom of the pack for Black Ops Cold War maps.

Bottom of the list is Miami. This overly-large, overly-dark map is incredibly frustrating to play whenever it comes up in the rotation. It’s a struggle to pick enemies out in the murky environment, and there’s also huge variety in different areas of the map.

Go through one of the buildings and you’ll probably be gunned by a camping shotgunner, go through the beach or mid-map and you’ll probably be gunned by an unseen opponent in the darkness. This is the exception to the comment that Black Ops Cold War’s maps are solid, and should be taken to the map abattoir as new ones are added.

8. Armada

Armada Control Room in Black Ops Cold War
Armada is set on a boat in the North Atlantic Ocean.

Just one spot above Miami is Armada, a boat map that features a bizarre hole in the middle. It’s bizarre and, to be frank, we’re not quite sure why it’s there.

Sure, rappelling around the map is fun enough, but the ridiculous number of levels and angles lends itself to seriously uneven gameplay. The only reason it’s above Miami is because it’s bright enough to actually see your enemies.

7. Satellite

satellite map in cod black ops cold war
Satellite featured in the game’s beta, and received mixed responses.

Next up on our list is Satellite. The best part about this map is its generally fast pace. It’s not the biggest map, so you shouldn’t have any issues finding enemies to shoot at (or to shoot at you).

With that being said, one half of this map is sand dunes, and it’s a nightmare. The dunes don’t provide nearly enough cover to make many parts of the map feel safe, so expect to be eliminated by a distant head-glitching sniper at least a few times per game.

6. Cartel

Cartel map from Black Ops Cold War
Cartel is set in Nicaragua on a drug plantation.

There’s a sizeable leap in class from Satellite to Cartel. For the most part, this map flows really nicely and has a variety of sight-lines and lanes that lend themselves to different play-styles in a way that feels balanced.

The issues with this map almost all revolve around its center. The elevated hut gives campers way too much protection, and the array of bushes do nothing but allow players to vanish in and out of the shrubbery. Trying to capture Flag B is a stressful chore, and CoD should never feel like that.

5. Garrison

Garrison from Black Ops Cold War
Garrison comes in the middle of our list.

Set in Hannover, Germany, Garrison is about as middle of the road as CoD maps can get. It’s fine, and there are no real issues with it. It’s not a stellar map, but it also doesn’t have any major weaknesses. There’s probably a right angle too many, but it has a nice flow and is small enough to stay fast-paced. In a word, solid.

4. Checkmate

Checkmate from BOCW
Checkmate is set in Berlin, Germany.

In terms of aesthetics, BOCW’s Checkmate is deeply reminiscent of the original Modern Warfare’s Killhouse. It’s set in a large warehouse and caters to a nice variety of gameplay.

The plane lends itself to some close-quarters action, while the longer lines of sight down the left mean snipers can prosper too. While this kind of thing was an issue on Satellite, it works nicely on Checkmate and feels consistently fun, regardless of your weapon of choice.

3. Moscow

Moscow from BOCW
Moscow is, unsurprisingly, set in Moscow, Russia.

Taking the bronze medal in our rankings is Moscow, another BOCW map that featured in the game’s beta. This is the epitome of a vibrant, three lane map, the likes of which have cemented Treyarch as the best CoD map designers.

It flows very nicely but always remains consistent, meaning good players prosper and campers are punished. Mobility too, is key on Moscow, with plenty of walls and windows to mantle to ensure you dip in and out of the action as you want. It’s very good, but lacks the organized chaos of our top two maps.

2. Nuketown ’84

Nuketown '84 from BOCW's multiplayer
Nuketown ’84 is the fifth reincarnation of the famous Black Ops map.

As you’d expect, we’re big fans of the fifth iteration of Nuketown. It’s a colorful, vibrant take on an absolute CoD classic. Barring some issues with ‘out of the map’ glitches, it’s as solid, fast-paced, and downright enjoyable as its always been. Organized chaos has long been a fan favorite, and that’s exactly what Nuketown ’84 has brought to Treyarch’s 2020 title.

1. Crossroads

Crossroads from Black Ops Cold War
Crossroads is set in the snowy Soviet Union.

A simple process of elimination means you’ve probably figured out that Crossroads is, at the time of writing, the best map in Black Ops Cold War multiplayer.

It’s small and really fast-paced, but well-designed enough to ensure it never dissolves into the kind of anarchy that frustrates players. The three lanes have the perfect amount of crossover, encouraging creative movement, and rewarding smart play-styles.

It’s also a great map to look at, with the snowy scenery making the perfect backdrop for some Cold War skirmishing. We’d put it on a par with Nuketown but, given the fact that Nuketown is a re-skin of an old favorite, we’re giving this one top spot for now.

That rounds off our ranking of BOCW’s multiplayer maps! Be sure to check back to this page as more maps are added and be sure to tweets us @DexertoIntel to let us know your thoughts.