Nadeshot explains why he hates “terrible” Warzone Blueprint system

Nadeshot over WarzoneDexerto/Activision

Nadeshot, owner of 100 Thieves and ex-Call of Duty pro player, has revealed the one aspect of Warzone and Modern Warfare that he has a major aversion to, pleading with Infinity Ward to make changes.

Despite Warzone’s incredible popularity – hitting 60 million players within a few months of release, players have quickly established a few features they are not fond of. Downtown, footstep audio, and RPG strength have all been touted as areas developers could adjust.

However, during an episode of the CouRage and Nadeshot show, the X Games gold medallist shed some light on one area of Warzone he wants to see adjusted as soon as possible, and it might not be what you thought.

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Nadeshot playing for OpTic GamingMLG
Nadeshot played Call of Duty for OpTic Gaming.

“What needs to change, though,” Nade said. “Is the f**king camos. Alright, listen Infinity Ward… the camos f**king suck. Nobody wants the bullsh*t that you’re pedalling to us, it’s terrible. The Blueprints system sucks, it’s useless. Just give us reactive camos.”

“The camos are dogsh*t!” he continued. “You tried to sell me an avocado pack where the gun literally looked like a baby threw up… I just can’t even fathom how many terrible camos I’ve bought.”

He continued his criticism, stating that Modern Warfare’s system of selling ‘packs’ forces players to buy an entire set of camos, when they only want one or two from within the pack.

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Nadeshot also suggested that Infinity Ward would sell 10x as many weapon wraps if they stopped bundling them together in these undesirable ways.

Both TeePee and CouRage echoed Nadeshot’s comments, comparing the camos in Warzone with those that featured in Blackout, and concluding that the Treyarch designed ones were far better.

“If you just made good camos, good operators,” he finished, “and sold them individually instead of bubbling them all up, it sucks. And the item store layout sucks too.”

Whether Infinity Ward take Nadeshot’s criticism and run with it remains to be seen, but many CoD fans have commented on the confusing item shop and lacklustre camos featured in both Warzone and Modern Warfare.

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